Special Section to Commemorate the 30th Anniversary of Advances in Atmospheric Sciences


  A special collection of invited papers has been organized that reflects the current and emerging hot topics in the field of atmospheric sciences to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Advances in Atmospheric Sciences (AAS), an SCI-indexed international journal hosted by the Institute of Atmospheric Physics (IAP) and the Chinese National Committee for International Association of Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences (IAMAS) and jointly published by Springer and Science Press. The authors of these papers, including Sir Prof. Brian HOSKINS (Fellow of the UK Royal Society and American Meteorological society, and also a foreign academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences), Prof. Ola JOHANNESSEN(Founding Director of the Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center), Prof. DING Yihui(Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering), Prof. Ping YANG (Fellow of the American Meteorological Society) and others are well-known in their respective areas. The publication of these papers is divided across the first two issues of the 32nd volume: AAS 32(1) and AAS 32(2) and the early-online versions can be downloaded at .

  Three decades have passed since the first issue of AAS was published in 1984. In that time, accompanied by rapid scientific and technological development, as well as major advancements in the economic and societal application of these developments throughout the world, AAS has continued to adapt its scientific depth and scope, covering topics such as the climate system and climate change (including its natural and anthropological influences on extreme weather and climate events), regional and global environments, atmospheric physics and chemistry, satellite and ground-based remote sensing, and advanced atmospheric exploration. AAS has also expanded its disciplinary content to earth system science, biogeophysics and biogeochemistry, and land surface processes. As the editors at the time of the first issue expected, AAS has become an international journal with an increasing citation rate and visibility from the worldwide scientific community.

  The journal editors express their appreciation not only to the distinguished contributors of the invited papers, but also to all AAS authors, editors and readers who have helped build the journal’s reputation and standing over the past 30 years.

List of Articles of the Special Section to Commemorate the 30th Anniversary of Advances in Atmospheric Sciences    





LU Daren, ZHU Jiang, Ming XUE

Special Section to Commemorate the 30th Anniversary of Advances in Atmospheric Sciences



Potential Vorticity and the PV Perspective


DING Yihui , LIU Yanju, SONG Yafang, and ZHANG Jin

From MONEX to the Global Monsoon: A review of Monsoon System Research


Ping YANG, Kuo-Nan LIOU, Lei BI, Chao LIU, Bingqi YI, and Bryan A. BAUM

On the Radiative Properties of Ice Clouds: Light Scattering, Remote Sensing,
and Radiation Parameterization


Yun QIAN , Teppei J. YASUNARI, Sarah J. DOHERTY, Mark G. FLANNER, William K. M. LAU, MING Jing, Hailong WANG, MoWANG, Stephen G. WARREN, and Rudong ZHANG

Light-absorbing Particles in Snow and Ice: Measurement and Modeling of
Climatic and Hydrological impact


GAO Yongqi, SUN Jianqi, LI Fei, HE Shengping, Stein SANDVEN, YAN Qing, Zhongshi ZHANG, Katja LOHMANN, Noel KEENLYSIDE, Tore FUREVIK, and Lingling SUO

Arctic Sea Ice and Eurasian Climate: A Review


LIAO Hong, CHANG Wenyuan, and YANG Yang

Climatic Effects of Air Pollutants over China: A Review



Climate Change in the Subtropical Jetstream during 1950–2009







WANG Huijun, FAN Ke, SUN Jianqi, LI Shuanglin, LIN Zhaohui, ZHOU Guangqing,
CHEN Lijuan, LANG Xianmei, LI Fang, ZHU Yali, Chen Hong, and Zheng Fei

A Review of Seasonal Climate Prediction Research in China


QIE Xiushu, ZHANG Yijun, YUAN Tie, ZHANG Qilin, ZHANG Tinglong, ZHU Baoyou,
LU Weitao, MA Ming, YANG Jing, ZHOU Yunjun, and FENG Guili

A Review of Atmospheric Electricity Research in China


GAO Shouting, TAN Zhemin, ZHAO Sixiong, LUO Zhexian, LU Hancheng,
WANG Donghai, CUI Chunguang, CUI Xiaopeng, and SUN Jianhua

Mesoscale Dynamics and Its Application in Torrential Rainfall Systems in China


XUE Feng , ZENG Qingcun, HUANG Ronghui, LI Chongyin, LU Riyu, and ZHOU Tianjun

Recent Advances in Monsoon Studies in China


GUO Xueliang, FU Danhong, LI Xingyu, HU Zhaoxia, LEI Henchi, XIAO Hui, and HONG Yanchao

Advances in Cloud Physics and Weather Modification in China


JIANG Dabang, YU Ge, ZHAO Ping, CHEN Xing, LIU Jian, LIU Xiaodong, WANG Shaowu, ZHANG
Zhongshi, YU Yongqiang, LI Yuefeng, JIN Liya, XU Ying, JU Lixia, ZHOU Tianjun, and YAN Xiaodong

Paleoclimate Modeling in China: A Review


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