[Seminar on Feb. 2] Driving Innovation Together: The World Weather Research Programme


Dr. Paolo Ruti

Chief, World Weather Research Division, World Meteorological Organisation

14:30, Feb 2, 2018

Room 303, Keyan Building, IAP

Paolo Ruti - Driving Innovation Together: The World Weather Research Programme

The WMO World Weather Research Programme (WWRP) promotes international interdisciplinary research aimed at improving the accuracy and reliability of weather and climate forecasts on all timescales – for the next minutes or the seasons ahead. By expanding this frontier of weather science, WWRP plays a role in enhancing resilience to high-impact weather events and the value of weather information. Seamless pre- diction – the ultimate goal of WWRP – will be realized by increasing the convergence between weather, climate and environmental approaches. To achieve this goal, WWRP strengthens academic partnerships and interdisciplinary collaborations, and enhances the role of Early Career Scientists.

The WWRP plays an essential role in getting questions that have arisen from research addressed in the international arena. Three core projects have been developed by the WWRP to connect past achievements to research that address core challenges to achieving seamless prediction:

a)The Sub-seasonal to Seasonal Project (http:// s2sprediction.net/), developed and run in col- laboration with the World Climate Research (WCRP) Programme, aims to improve forecast skill on sub-seasonal to seasonal timescales, and to promote increased use of S2S information in operational centres and the user community.

b)The Polar Prediction Project (www.polarpredic- tion.net/) promotes research that explores the requirements for and evaluates the benefits of enhanced prediction information and services for stakeholders in polar regions.

c)The High-Impact Weather Project (www.wmo.int/pages/prog/arep/wwrp/new/high_impact_weather_project.html ) fosters research aimed at achieving a dramatic increase in resilience to high-impact weather worldwide by improving forecasts on timescales of minutes to two weeks and by enhancing their communication and utility in social, economic and environmental applications.

These will guide WWRP research activities for the next decade. All three projects will benefit from the international exchange and interdisciplinary cooperation that has been developed within WWRP. These projects also provide excellent new opportunities to promote collaborative research and knowledge exchange in the framework of the WWRP.

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