AAS Announces 2019 Awards



Advances in Atmospheric Sciences (AAS) is pleased to announce its 2019 Esteemed Paper Prize to the papers published in 2017 in AAS for their exceptional contribution to the development of the journal. These papers were selected based on their download statistics from SpringerLink and their ISI citations.


Enjoy, read and spread the word!


2019 AAS Esteemed Review Paper Prize 

Relationship between Indian and East Asian summer rainfall variations

Wu, Renguang



2019 Esteemed Original Paper Prize

1.    Increased Light, Moderate, and Severe Clear-Air Turbulence in Response to Climate Change

Williams, Paul


2.    Atmospheric circulation and dynamic mechanism for persistent haze events in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region

Wu, Ping; Ding, Yihui; Liu, Yanju


3.    Performance of RegCM4 over major river basins in China

Gao, Xuejie; Shi, Ying; Han, Zhenyu; Wang, Meili; Wu, Jia; Zhang, Dongfeng; Xu, Ying; Giorgi, Filippo


4.    Changes in Mean and Extreme Temperature and Precipitation over the Arid Region of Northwestern China: Observation and Projection

Wang, Yujie; Zhou, Botao; Qin, Dahe; Wu, Jia; Gao, Rong; Song, Lianchun



2019 AAS Editor’s Award

The Editor’s Award is given to an individual who has contributed a reviewer’s report of outstanding merit on a manuscript submitted for publication in Advances in Atmospheric Sciences (AAS). The quality of AAS depends essentially upon reviewers’ voluntary and painstaking efforts. Nominations are considered by the editors and editorial office, which make recommendations for final approval by the Editors-in-Chief.

The following reviewers are to be presented with a 2019 AAS Editor's Award:

1.        Baggett, Cory (USA). For providing a detailed review with insightful comments and useful suggestions for improving a manuscript.

2.        Chen, Xiaodong (USA). For a timely and thoughtful review and highly constructive comments that greatly improved the quality of the article.

3.        Chen, Xianyao (China). For providing highly professional and helpful comments to the authors and editors.

4.        Fan, Ke (China). For providing timely, insightful and constructive comments for the manuscripts she reviewed.

5.        Freychet, Nico (UK). For precise and thorough reviews that helped improve the manuscripts concerned.

6.        Jia, Xing (China). For thoughtful and constructive comments.

7.        Keenlyside, Noel (Norway). For multiple, detailed, insightful reviews that improved manuscripts.

8.        Morioka, Yushi (Japan). For providing a thorough and detailed review that included several good scientific suggestions for the authors to consider.

9.        Suo, Lingling (Norway). For timely and constructive manuscript reviews.

10.     Zhang, Guifu (USA). For timely and detailed reviews of several papers on radar meteorology and instrumentation.


One of our editors, Prof. Riyu Lu, is also to receive an award, for organizing the “Special Issue on Climate Science for Service Partnership China”.


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