IAP Academic Annual Meeting 2008 held on 10th, March 2009


IAP Academic Annual Meeting 2008 was held on 10th, March 2009 at Institute of Atmospheric Physics, CAS, Beijing. Related leaders from CAS, NSFC, CMA, National Marine Forecasting Center, Beijing University, Nanjing University were presented at the Meeting. It brought together 400 researchers, professors and the graduate students from IAP and other research institutions in the field of atmospheric sciences. In the opening session, Prof. Wang Huijun, director of IAP gave a warm welcome to all the attendees. Then he briefly introduced the scientific research achievements, the papers published, the international cooperation highlights, the set-up of the laboratories etc. in the institute in 2008.
The invited talks were given by Prof. Zeng Qingcun, Huang Ronghui, Chao Jiping, Wu Guoxiong, Li Chongyin, Fang Zongyi, Lu Daren, respectively. They were excellent talks.
As a part of the activity of the Annual Meeting, and different from before, the posters in the internet were put out for the first time. It created a new platform for the show of the new scientific achievements of the institute
The annual meeting not only promoted the academic exchanges among researchers in the atmospheric fields, but also provided a good opportunity for young researchers and graduate students to learn about the latest developments in the related fields.
The excitement and enthusiasm generated by this level of activity are palpable as the Institute continues to exceed expectations for excellence.





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