AAS is included in the SCI database from 2009


We are very pleased to announce that our journal of Advances in Atmospheric Sciences (AAS) has been accepted for inclusion in the "Science Citation Index" (SCI) database beginning with its 2009 volume.

We believe that this upgrade is a result of our many years editorial and community effort in improving the publication quality of AAS. It was preceded by important changes in editorial procedures in 2002, such as more strict quality control for English readability, more rigorous peer reviews by outstanding scientists, especially from overseas, electronic and speedy publications, and recent collaboration with Springer. According to ISI Journal Citation Reports, AAS' citation impact has increased from 0.288 in 2002 to 0.902 in 2007. AAS' citation record includes 764 papers cited a total of 1658 times between 1 January 1998 and 29 February 2008, based on Essential Science Indicators SM. We may consider Thomson Reuters' decision as being an international recognition of the journal. It also provides an encouragement and rewarding experience to the atmospheric science community in China as well as to many foreign and overseas scientists who contributed in various ways to the growth of the journal.

We must acknowledge that the above-mentioned achievements of AAS would not be possible without many valuable publications from our previous authors and important contributions from many of our dedicated reviewers and editors in China and abroad. We wish to thank you all for your support and hope to receive more submissions of your high-quality manuscripts in the future.

Editorial Office of Advances in Atmospheric Sciences
March 2009

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