The 1st MAIRS workshop on Coupled Human-Environment Systems in Dryland


The 1st MAIRS (Monsoon Asia Integrated Regional Study) workshop on Coupled Human-Environment Systems in Dryland was in 22-25 March 2010, in Kunming, China organized by MAIRS-IPO (International Program Office) and local hosted by Yunnan University. 28 participants including 23 MAIRS CHE working group members attended this workshop group meeting. Prof. Guo Shichang, head of Department of Atmospheric Sciences, Yunnan University gave the opening remark on behalf of the local host. Prof. Dennis Ojima and Prof. Qi Jiaguo, MAIRS SSC members and CHE working group leaders, gave a brief introduction MAIRS CHE study and its possible future direction.

The first 2 days workshop was completed by 22 scientific presentations of the current researches on dryland studied (details please find in the attachment of "Agenda") , which gave a brief research background of MAIRS CHE further study. The last day workshop had a working group discussion about detailed activities of CHE and its implementation. The structure framework of MAIRS CHE was discussed and developed. And this CHE working group meeting will be held every year organized by MAIRS-IPO.

The Monsoon Asia Integrated Regional Study was proposed by Earth System Science Partnership (ESSP) and became the first IRS project under its leadership in 2003. It is financially supported by Chinese Academy of Sciences and its IPO is located in Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. (IAP, CAS)

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