Dr. Qureshi, the Executive Director of COMSATS visited IAP



Dr. Qureshi, the Executive Director of COMSATS visited ICCES of IAP on Mar.23, 2010. The meeting was focus on the further cooperation between COMSATS and ICCES. Prof.Zeng Qingcun and some ICCE researchers attended the meeting.  

Dr. Qureshi first introduced the new development of COMSATS and emphasized that as one of its members, ICCES kept making contributions for COMSATS. He hopes that ICCES can lead the cooperation with COMSATS in the field of climate and environmental protection. Prof.Zhu Jiang showed the scientific research development of IAP and the participation in COMSATS activities. Prof.Zeng Qingcun reviewed the history of COMSATS and gave some advice for future development. Prof.Lin Zhaohui introduced the ICCES’s research work and international cooperation under COMSATS frame, and he proposed the future cooperation improvement plan. All people joined the meeting agreed that COMSATS and ICCES should strengthen the cooperation in the field of climate science research and joint training program of graduate education. COMSATS and ICCES signed the COMSATS-ICCES MOU.

During China visit, Dr. Qureshi also visited MOST, CAS, Peking University and Zhongguancun Park.

COMSATS was founded in 1994; it is an international scientific cooperation organization among developing countries. China officially joined COMSATS as a member in 1994; ICCES of IAP has become one of the top excellent centers of COMSATS. IAP has successfully hosted COMSATS committee meeting twice in Beijing.

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