Prof. Jacob Stamnes from University of Bergen (Norway) visits LAGEO/IAP



On the morning of May 5th, 2010, Prof. Jacob Stamnes from University of Bergen (Norway) visited the Laboratory for middle Atmosphere and Global Environment Observation (LAGEO/IAP) and delivered a report entitled “Environmental and Medical Remote Sensing with Emphasis on Fieldwork and Clinical Testing in Norway, USA, UK,Africa, and Tibet”. After a brief introduction to the University of Bergen and the research group he works for, Prof. Stamnes focused his report on measurements of radiation in air and water that his research group had conducted in various countries and regions, their researches on atmospheric remote sensing, radiation transfer, medical diagnosis, dermal cancer, etc., and methods for testing skin health by light propagation. His report excited great interest among the audience and provoked lively discussion. Academician Lu Daren made the summarizing speech, pointing it out that all sciences share some common characters and we need to broaden our horizons to find new perspectives for our own research scope. This visit of Prof. Stamnes lays a sound foundation for more future exchanges and cooperation.

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