The 2nd Sino-German Workshop on Air Quality, Climate and environment change, and Public Health in the Urban Area was Successfully Hosted by LAPC/CERN-SCAS,IAP


The 2nd Sino-German Workshop on Air Quality, Climate and environment change, and Public Health in the Urban Area was Successfully Hosted by LAPC/CERN-SCAS
The 2nd Sino-German workshop on air quality, climate and environment change, and public health in the urban area, 2010 Beijing, was successfully held in the function room of State Key Laboratory of Atmospheric Boundary Layer Physics and Atmospheric Chemistry (LAPC), Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IAP-CAS), from June 16th to June 18th. More than fifty experts, researchers and graduates attended the conference, including twenty-five Chinese Experts from IAP-CAS, Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences, Peking University, Fudan University, Lanzhou University, China University of Mining and Technology, China University of Geosciences, Center for public health surveillance and information service and China Communication Information Center, while ten German experts and researchers from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research, and Helmholtz Centre Munich, as well as other researchers and graduates from other institutes or universities.
Scientists gave more than twenty presentations, which were focus on research achievements about air quality, ecological environment, and public health influenced by atmospheric pollution. During the workshop, experts and graduates were absorbed in these wonderful presentations and discussed with each other actively. Further more, Sino-German colleagues introduced the research evolutions during the international cooperation in the past year, and discussed about deeply cooperation plan frames and content in the future. In the end, they got some agreements of
research projects, co-operated doctors and data exchange, etc., and agreed on the itinerary of the workshop for next time.
During the conference period, the president of Helmholtz Association, Prof. Mlynek, and the director of IAP, Prof. Dr. Huijun Wang, met Chinese and German scientists on the evening of June 16th. The director, Huijun Wang, introduced the history and international cooperation situation of IAP, especially the successful cooperation with German scientists about Green House Gases measurement research, which has lasted twenty-five years. Prof. Mlynek encouraged scientists of the two sides to enhance the cooperation in the fields of urban air quality, environment and climate change, and public health in order to acquire more achievements; in addition, he also hoped to strengthen the cooperation for talent exchange and education. 
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