IODP 340、341 Voyages Ask for On-boat Scientists


IODP 340 Voyage plans to sail on Caribbean Sea around Jan-Mar 2012, the voyage plan is based on IODP 681 proposal, the main scientific aim is to research on the process of volcano eruption, time and Volcanic island landslides, convey and deposition mechanism.

IODP 341 Voyage plans to begin drilling in southern mainland Alaska around Jul-Sept 2012, the voyage plan is based on IODP 686 proposal, which will design to research on structural control of mountain organics processes and glacial processes, northern pacific ocean, global climate change and their relationship.

For more details, please visit the website:, please provide your resume, research plan and voyage application form before the deadline date. (attachment in link:

Contact person: Tuo Shouting Tel: 021-65982198


Deadline date:IODP 340  May.31,2011

IODP 341  Jun.15, 2011

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