IAP Academic Annual Meeting 2010-2011 held on April.15-16, 2011


IAP Academic Annual Meeting 2010-2011 was successfully held on April.15-16, 2011 in Beijing. Related leaders and experts from CMA, NCC, CAMS, Peking University, and NUIST, etc. attended and over 400 IAP professors, researchers and graduate students joined this academic meeting.

Prof. Wang Huijun, director of IAP presided the opening session. The main theme of two day's meeting was ‘The extreme weather and climate events’. More than 30 invited speeches mainly included topics of dust storm, typhoon, drought, extreme high temperature and rainfall, cold wave, hail, freezing rain, flood, etc. Those speeches showed the latest development in the scientific research field.

Prof. Zen Qing-Cun introduced the global situation for the dust weather occurrence, the main dynamic mechanism for raising sand, and the simulation and forecast for the dust events from weather and climate aspects. Prof. Ding Yihui's speech showed that there is a significant negative correlation between the summer rainfall over the Yangtze-Huai River valley and tropical cyclone frequency over the tropical northwestern Pacific. Prof. Wang Huijun, reported the research progress on the project of National 973 Program: “Variability of the water and energy cycles and their impact on the extreme climate over China under the global warming background”.

2010-2011 IAP Academic Annual Meeting was focus on the theme of ‘The extreme weather and climate’; scientists had a meaningful and profound discussion on the frontier topics in the filed. It not only promoted the opportunity for academic communication, but also a good chance to show the latest developments in the Atmospheric Sciences field.





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