YOTC International Science Symposium and 8th AMY Workshop was held in Beijing


YOTC International Science Symposium and 8th AMY Workshop was held on 16-19 May 2011 in Beijing. More than 100 scientists and graduate students from USA, China, UK, Germany, France, Korea, Japan and other countries and regions attended the meeting. The back-to-back scheduling of the YOTC symposium and the AMY workshop seeks synergy between the up-to-seasonal (seamless prediction) focus of the YOTC project and AMY's longer-timescale objectives.

The YOTC meeting format included 6 theme-based sessions spanning the YOTC science focus areas, and afforded 20 invited talks, 5 poster sessions with over 80 posters, and 5 plenary discussion sessions. In the opening session, overviews of the scientific motivation for YOTC, the synoptic description of the YOTC period, and the Giovanni-based satellite data resources available for YOTC were described. Subsequent sessions focused on: 1) MJO and other convectively coupled waves, 2) easterly waves and tropical cyclones, 3) seamless prediction and hierarchical modeling, 4) tropical - extratropical interaction, and 5) monsoon intraseasonal variability and AMY.  Presentations at the Symposium will be added to the YOTC website: www.ucar.edu/yotc in the near future.

The AMY workshop aimed to (a) review progress and highlight scientific achievement (Each major project and AMY as a whole), (b) discuss key issues, such as AMY contribution to AR5 assessment in collaboration with AAMP, Assessment of Asian monsoon predictability, or others; and (c) plan AMY open science meeting in 2012. The AMY data policy was discussed in details. The AMY co-chairs, Prof. Bin Wang and Prof. Jun Matsumoto expressed satisfaction on the AMY progress in the past 4 years. Presentations at the workshop will be uploaded to the AMY website: http://www.wcrp-amy.org/ .

Opening addresses were given by Dr. Xiaofeng Xu (deputy administrator of CMA), Prof. Guoxiong Wu (WCRP JSC officer, CAS academician), Dr. Mitch Moncrieff (YOTC) and Dr. Jim Caughey (WMO and THORPEX IPO). The opening was chaired by Prof. Jianping Li, AMY IPO.

The joint meeting was co-organized by IAP and CMA.

The meeting website is http://yotc-amy-2011.csp.escience.cn/dct/page/1 .



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