U.K Met Office Hadley Centre scientists visited IAP


U.K Met Office Hadley Centre scientists visited IAP on May.24th, they gave lectures to IAP scientist and students in the morning, Dr. Chris Gordon is head of the Met Office Hadley Centre with overall responsibility for the development and delivery of the research program in the Climate Science Directorate. He gave a brief introduction of the climate research agenda in the recent years in the Met Office Hadley Centre. Dr. Jon Petch is an international well-known expert on the parameterization of clouds and radiation. He presented the current development of the cloud scheme in the Met Office Unified Model (both global and high-resolution regional version). Dr. Peili Wu is a leading scientist for the Met Office's hydrological project. He gave a report on the hydrological cycle process and simulation in the atmospheric model, and also the thermohaline circulation (THC) change under various global change scenarios. IAP scientists actively joined the lectures and have meaningful discussion with UK guests.

Hadley Centre delegation had a workshop with some IAP scientists in the afternoon, IAP director, Prof.Wang Huijun, gave a brief introduction of IAP’s history and current research development; then IAP scientists introduced each lab’s research filed and status; at the end, both sides showed great interest in future scientific research cooperation, the focus may in the field of global model, monsoon, data analysis transfer and students or scientists exchange program for further research collaboration.

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