Prof. Xiaodong Zeng becomes member of GEWEX-GHP


Prof. Xiaodong Zeng, ICCES, IAP, was invited by Prof. Kevin Trenberth (Chair of GEWEX Scientific Steering Group) to join the GEWEX Hydro-climatology Panel (GHP) on February 2011. 

GEWEX is a core research project of WCRP, and it includes GEWEX Hydro-climatology Panel (GHP), GEWEX Radiation Panel (GRP), and Modeling and Prediction (GCSS/GABLS Panel and GLASS Panel). GHP was formed in 1994, it takes the lead role in GEWEX in overseeing and coordinating the plans and the focus of scientific issues related to the development and implementation of the Regional Hydroclimate Projects (RHPs). Besides, it has oversight over all GEWEX regional hydroclimate and land-surface projects, major components of GHP are Regional Hydro-climate Projects (RHPs), Regional Studies, Cross-Cutting Studies, Modeling Studies, Data Management, and Affiliated Global Organizations. 

The new panel was elected on February 2011 and co-chaired by Dennis Lettenmaier and Jan Polcher. The panel has 10 members; Prof. Xiaodong Zeng is the only member from Asia.

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