IAP Scientists attended XXV General Assembly of IUGG



XXV General Assembly of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (IUGG) was held from 28 June to 7 July 2011 in Melbourne, Australia. Academician Guoxiong Wu, the President of International Association of Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics (IAMAS, one of the eight associations of IUGG), Academician Daren Lu, the president of Chinese National Committee(CNC) for IAMAS, Academician Ronghui Huang, and Prof. Jianping Li, the Secretary General of CNC for IUGG led IAP delegation of more than 40 scientists and postgraduate students to attend the assembly. 

Over 3300 registered people from more than 80 countries, over 2200 oral and 750 poster presentations, 12 Union and more than 200 scientific sessions made the IUGG General Assembly one of the most attractive international geoscience events in the southern hemisphere for the last decade. IAP scientists gave 30 oral presentations and more than 10 posters. Academician Wu and Academician Huang gave invited talks. Prof. Jianping Li and Dr. John McBride (Australia) are the co-convenors of JM10 "Monsoons, tropical cyclones and dynamics" which received more than 200 abstracts and ran across 6 days, becoming the biggest symposium of the IUGG assembly. The chair of Program Committee considered it very appropriate  "given that Australia has experienced its first ever recorded category 5 cyclone (TC Yasi), which affected the north of Queen-sland in February. "

In addition to science reports, many IAP scientists also attended IAMAS businsess meetings of different levels, e.g. the Executive Committee (EC) meeting, commission meetings, etc. IAP scientists hold the following new positions:

Guoxiong Wu, stepped down as the president of IAMAS(2007-2011) and remains the EC member as emeritus president;
Daren Lu, was elected IAMAS members at large (2011-2019);
Jianping Li, was elected Executive Secretary of International Commission on Climate (ICCL) (2011-2015);
Ruiqiang Ding was elected member of ICCL (2011-2019)


Recognizing rapid progress of atmospheric sciences in China, IAMAS commissions ICCL and International Commission of Dynamic Meteorology (ICDM) will hold workshops in China 2012-2013. World leading scientists will be invited to these workshops which would promote exchanges between Chinese and the international community.
Academician Wu chaired two sessions of IAMAS EC meetings on which setting young scientists award, statutes revision, and bureau election were discussed. IUGG Union Commission on Climatic and Environmental Change (CCEC) was proposed by Academician Wu and he brought it to the IUGG EC and the presidents and SGs of other IUGG association and received positive feedback. The past president of IUGG, Dr. Tom Beer, is the chair of CCEC committee, Prof. Jianping Li is the vice chair, and Academician Wu is the member of the committee. If the proposal is approved by IUGG EC, IUGG will have more voice in the global change issues and therefore contribute more to the coordinated research and exchanges on the societal impact of global change.
Academician Daren Lu and Prof. Jianping Li attended IAMAS EC and IUGG council meetings respectively, and casted votes on election, statutes and other important issues on behalf of China. 

By attending IUGG assembly, IAP scientists had a chance to directly listen to the latest research progress and had immediate science exchanges with international scientists. Contacts were established and IAP's research results were presented. Young scientists' reports were also complimented by the peer scientists. And IAP scientists' international commitment in IAMAS will also promote the atmospheric sciences in China and the sharing of international resources.



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