Experts from Huai River Water Resources Committee of the Ministry of Water Resources (MWR) visited LASG, IAP


On 14 March, 2012, experts from Huai River Water Resources Committee of the Ministry of Water Resources (MWR) visited IAP LASG and discussed the application of Global Climate System Model FGOALS and Regional Air-Sea-Land Coupled Model FROALS in the studies of Huai River water resources.
The discussion was chaired by Dr. Tianjun Zhou, LASG deputy director, the chief investigator of "Earth System Model Development and Application". He first briefly introduced LASG research, LASG climate system model FGOALS and CMIP5 experiments. To respond to the visitors’ concern on future climate model projection and down-scaling simulation, Dr. Bo Wu introduced the results of FGOALS decadal projection experiments and Dr. Liwei Zou reported the development of FROALS and the progress of CORDEX down-scaling simulation.
Senior Engineer Sheng Xu and Senior Engineer Shuxian Liang of Huai River Water Resources Committee introduced the geographical distribution and hydroclimate of Huai River basin and MWR project “Key Techniques of Huai River Water Safety” respectively. In-depth discussion was focused on the comparison between historical hydrological and meterological observation data and modeling, and projection of climate change over Huai River in future 30-50 years.
The cooperation between two institutes can promote the application of results of LASG climate system model and projection in regional hydrocycle studies. 

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