IAMAS Newsletter reported atmospheric research in China


The International Association of Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences (IAMAS) released its 13th Newsletter (http://www.iamas.org/NewsLetters/) on 19 Dec, 2012. The Newsletter published a report on atmospheric research in China in its prominent place (page 2&3). The report, written by scientists of Institute of Atmospheric Physics (IAP), Academician Daren Lu (IAMAS members at large, President of Chinese National Committee for IAMAS) and Dr. Jianchun Bian (SG of Chinese National Committee for IAMAS), was based on a special issue “Eighth National Report to IUGG by China National Committee for IAMAS” of Advances in Atmospheric Sciences(AAS) in 2012. The AAS is an international SCI journal jointly sponsored by IAP and CNC-IAMAS. The report presented the atmospheric research progress in China since 2006, in particular, on East Asian Monsoon, climate change, effect of Tibetan Plateau on weather and climate, weather forecast operation, atmospheric physics and chemistry, and fast development of Chinese meteorological satellites. The report also introduced the on-going national key atmospheric research projects in China and welcomed the international community to establish cooperation with these projects.

In addition, the IAMAS Newsletter also reported other activities attended and organized by IAP scientists, e.g. the IAMAS bureau meeting attended by the past IAMAS President Academician Guoxiong Wu and the assistant Secretary General Ms. Jenny Lin, the ICDM2012 international workshop in China on “Dynamics and Predictability of High Impact Weather and Climate Events” of which Dr. Jianping Li is the co-chair of the scientific committee, and the International Radiation Symposium attended by Academician Daren Lu.

The IAMAS (www.iamas.org) was established in 1919 and its mission is providing the scientific community with platforms to present, discuss and promote the newest achievements in meteorology, atmospheric science and related fields. IAMAS also facilitates and coordinates research that requires international cooperation, especially through its ten Commissions and one Committee. The IAMAS assembly is one of the most important international series meetings on atmospheric sciences and it represents the highest standard of atmospheric research. Since 1981, CNC-IAMAS organized Chinese scientists to attend the IAMAS assembly regularly and many Chinese scientists have been officers in the IAMAS Executive Committee and commissions.

The active involvement of IAP scientists in the IAMAS not only greatly promoted the international exchange between Chinese and international atmospheric communities but also made use of the international resources to boost atmospheric research in China.



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