The 12th CAS-TWAS-WMO Forum


The 12th CAS-TWAS-WMO Forum, The International Workshop on “Operational Oceanography for Developing Countries” was held at Yuanchenxin International Hotel, September 9-12, Beijing, China. The 12th CAS-TWAS-WMO Forum is organized by CAS-TWAS Centre of Excellence for Climate and Environment Sciences (ICCES) and Institute of Atmospheric Physics (IAP), and supported by Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) - for the advancement of science in developing countries and CAS-TWAS-WMO Forum on Climate Science (CTWF). Prof. Romain Murenzi, executive director of TWAS; Dr. Mitrasen Bhikajee, deputy executive secretary & director for Capacity Development, Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO; Mr. Zhenyu Wang, Director of International Organization Programme, Bureau of International Co-operation, CAS and delegates from other 8 countries attended the workshop.


Developing countries are more vulnerable to ocean hazards due to a lack of knowledge of the adjacent marginal and coastal seas, especially capability building in operational oceanography. Therefore, the objectives of the workshop are to provide a starting point to strengthen collaboration among all developing countries interested in operational oceanography and to discuss their needs, progress, promote the exchange of information, share data and expertise, and assist one another in their development. During the 4-day workshop, 48 researchers presented their research results in the following sessions: Operational Ocean Forecasting (short-range to ENSO), Ocean Research and Modelling, Ocean Observations and Data Analysis and Ocean data assimilation. These presentations include 44 oral presentations and 4 poster presentations (China 16, India 10, Brazil 9, South Africa 6, Chile 1, Indonesia 1, Nigeria 2, Kenya 1, Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission 2), showing various aspects of the related topics in different countries. Besides, the participants visited National Marine Environmental Forecasting Center, State Oceanic Administration, getting a deeper understanding of the development of operational oceanography in China.


The international workshop has better improved the understanding among the researchers from different countries and provide them with the opportunity of discussing the scientific fields and problems with common interests. Discussion soundly indicated that a follow-up forum was needed to ensure that the momentum generated by this initial meeting was not lost. The Forum for Operational Oceanography in Developing Countries (OODC) was proposed and accepted as an interim name. The themes used in this meeting proved successful in grouping interests, highlighting progress, problems and stimulating collaboration, and therefore will be adopted in OODC. South Africa was suggested as a possible host with March 2016 providing sufficient time for meaningful progress.










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