Second China-UK Workshop on Climate Science was held in Guangzhou


 The second China-UK Workshop on Climate Science was successfully held in Guangzhou on Feb. 20-21, 2014. This workshop was an extension of Prof. Huijun Wang, Director General of Institute of Atmospheric Physics (IAP), led a delegation to visit the UK Meteorological Office (Met-Office) in 2013 to develop scientific research cooperation, aiming to further promote joint research program in the field of climate research for meteorological research area in the two countries. Representatives to attend the seminar include not only the researches from the Institute of Atmospheric Physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences (IAP, CAS) and the UK Meteorological Office (Met-Office), but also many experts and scholars from the British Reeding University and the Sun Yat - Sen University in Guangzhou. Dr. Net Garnett from British Environmental Research Foundation (NERC), Mr. Alastair Morgan, British consul general in Guangzhou as well as chief representative of technology and innovation also attended the symposium.

The opening ceremony was hosted by Prof. Riyu Lu (IAP, CAS). Mr. Alastair Morgan, British consul general in Guangzhou, gave the first speech in the opening ceremony, he highly praised the cooperation in climate anomaly and change and other aspects between China and British, and looked forward to make breakthrough progress in further cooperation between two sides; Prof. Huijun, Director General of Institute of Atmospheric Physics (IAP), introduced the history of IAP development, subject distribution, research teams, equipment, postgraduate training, academic exchanges at home and abroad, and great achievements in scientific research in recent years; Dr. Jon Petch, the director of cooperation in science and technology of British meteorological bureau introduced the current situation of the science and technology cooperation in British meteorological bureau and progress in the Met-Office climate system model, short-term climate forecast system; Dr. Peili Wu from the Met-Office summed up the both sides cooperation progress in the field of climate prediction and climate model development.

During this two days meeting, representatives from both countries presented 22 excellent reports around three issues include the drought and hydrologic prediction, the model development and evaluation, seasonal to decadal scale climate variability and prediction. For example, Dr. Sean Milton introduced the research results about "global and regional water cycle seamless model development and evaluation"; Dr. Pier Luig Vidale and Dr. Malcolm Roberts gave the newest research results of high resolution models of the UK Meteorological Office (Met-Office); Prof. Tianjun Zhou (IAP, CAS) described the simulation results on the East Asian summer monsoon using a high resolution mode of Hadley center; Dr. Liu Hailong et al. (IAP, CAS) gave a general introduction in the ocean, atmospheric coupled model and the latest developments in the scientific research; Dr. Anca Brookshaw introduced the latest seasonal prediction system Glosea5 of the UK Meteorological Office (Met-Office). Those reports relate to the latest research progress for two sides in the cooperation areas of prediction of East Asian monsoon interannual and interdecadal variability, high resolution numerical simulations, the land surface and hydrological processes.

On the afternoon of 21, the both participants have conducted a heated discussion and consultation about the key areas of cooperation in scientific research in the future and cooperation pattern, further refining the areas of cooperation between the two sides, nailing down the main task of the future cooperation, and planning the cooperation and work for the next step. Dr. Net Garnett from British Environmental Research Foundation (NERC) introduced the detail situations of NERC, and was looking forward to the effective cooperation in the future between IAP CAS and Met-office. This workshop will help promote the academic exchange and the new development in the research cooperation in the region of climate prediction and other aspects, laying a solid foundation for the further cooperation of both sides.





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