Latest Technology Captures Typhoon's Data


From Shine:


(by Tian Shengjie)
Typhoon Nangka, this year's 16th, was observed on Monday and Wednesday using satellite, rocket and drone technology over the South China Sea, Shanghai Meteorological Bureau said on Wednesday.


China's first-time observation of a typhoon based on various platforms and types of equipment indicates that more accurate data can be provided for disaster alleviation in the Asia-Pacific region including Russia, Japan, Australia in the near future, bureau officials said.


The observation was organized by the Shanghai Typhoon Institute of China Meteorological Administration, with several meteorological bureaus, astronomical observatories, research centers, universities and companies such as the Hainan Meteorological Service, the Institute of Atmospheric Physics under Chinese Academy of Sciences and Hong Kong Observatory, the bureau said.


Typhoon Nangka formed on Monday before landing in Hainan Province on Tuesday morning and Vietnam on Wednesday with its wind force declining.


Various typhoon data were collected by different equipment. For example, an unmanned ship measured the seawater temperature and salinity and drones collected wind force, temperature, pressure and humidity data.


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