Dr. CAO Junji Appointed as Director General of CAS Institute of Atmospheric Physics


Dr. CAO Junji is appointed the new Director General of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) Institute of Atmospheric Physics (IAP) as of November 10, 2020, announced by CAI Hongzhi, the deputy director of CAS Bureau of Personnel. The IAP was established 92 years ago and is the largest and most prestigious organization for atmospheric research in China. "Dr. CAO has demonstrated a firm belief in the Party and creativity in his leadership," CAI said in a statement. "We believe he will foment innovation and enthusiasm as well as bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience that will enhance IAP's vision and future."


Dr. CAO Junji is the new Director General of IAP. (Photo taken by GUO Chenhao)


Prior to joining IAP, Dr. CAO was a researcher at the CAS Institute of Earth Environment (IEE) in Xi'an, where he served as Vice Director and Director for 15 years, along with serving as Directory of the Key Laboratory of Aerosol Chemistry & Physics for seven years.


Dr. CAO was honored by the trust and endorsement of CAS’s leadership. "The IAP has such a long, productive, and internationally recognized reputation that I am humbled by this appointment. I will dedicate every waking hour to maintaining and enhancing the important contributions made by its outstanding researchers. Our country has great atmospheric research challenges related to weather, climate, air quality, environment, and their effects on human health, agriculture, and general well-being. I look forward to this opportunity to forge new partnerships within and outside of the IAP to support the country’s missions in these areas."

 Meeting of Announcement. (Photo taken by GUO Chenhao)


Dr. CAO is nationally and internationally recognized as an expert on air quality, aerosols, visibility, material damage, and pollution control. Results from his research have shaped national policies through his publications, service on national advisory committees, contributions to science assessments, and advice to senior levels of government. In 2013 he established the CAS Key Lab or Aerosol Chemistry & Physics which now employees more than 100 researchers and technicians and has promoted development of aerosol research in China. He has: 1) studied carbonaceous aerosols and aerosol geochemistry; 2) conduced pioneering studies on atmospheric PM2.5 in China; and 3) developed innovative solutions for urban smog mitigation.


He is the principal or co-author of 500+ SCI indexed papes with 26000+ citatios and an H-index of 74 (data from Web of Science). GoogleScholar shows 36000+ citations of his papers with an H-index of 90. He is listed among highly cited researchers by Clarivate Analytics for 2018/2019. Dr. Cao was President of the Asian Aerosol Research Assembly in 2011-2014 and is currently Secretary of the International Aerosol Research Assembly (IARA) and Editor-in-Chief for the journal Aerosol Science and Engineering.


Major honors he has received include: 1) the 2019 California Air Resources Board's Haagen-Smit Clean Air Prize (one of two awarded in China); 2) the 2013 Air & Waste Management Association's Frank Chambers Award for Excellence in the Science and Art of Air Pollution Control (only one in China); 3) the 2018 TWAS Earth, Astronomy, and Space Award: 4) the IARA Fellow Award; and 5) the Second Class of National Natural Science Award of China. He has received annual "Best Paper" awards from several journals and serves as adjunct faculty for several Chinese and international universities.

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