AAS announces its 2021 Esteemed Paper Prize and Awards for Editors and Reviewers


Advances in Atmospheric Sciences (AAS) is pleased to announce its 2021 Esteemed Paper Prize to the papers published in 2019 in AAS for their exceptional contribution to the development of the journal. These papers were selected based on their download statistics from SpringerLink and their ISI citations.

Enjoy, read and spread the word!


2021 Esteemed Original Paper Prize

  • Predictability of South China Sea Summer Monsoon Onset




  • Seasonal Variations of Observed Raindrop Size Distribution in East China

Long WEN, Kun ZHAO, Mengyao WANG, Guifu ZHANG



  • Anthropogenic Aerosol Pollution over the Eastern Slope of the Tibetan Plateau

Rui JIA, Min LUO, Yuzhi LIU, Qingzhe ZHU, Shan HUA, Chuqiao WU, Tianbin SHAO



  • Simulated Influence of the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation on Summer Eurasian Nonuniform Warming since the Mid-1990s

Xueqian SUN, Shuanglin LI, Xiaowei HONG, Riyu LU



2021 Esteemed Review Paper Prize

  • Current Status and Future Challenges of Weather Radar Polarimetry: Bridging the Gap between Radar Meteorology/Hydrology/Engineering and Numerical Weather Prediction

Guifu ZHANG, Vivek N. MAHALE, Bryan J. PUTNAM, Youcun QI, Qing CAO, Andrew D. BYRD, Petar BUKOVCIC, Dusan S. ZRNIC, Jidong GAO, Ming XUE, Youngsun JUNG, Heather D. REEVES, Pamela L. HEINSELMAN, Alexander RYZHKOV, Robert D. PALMER, Pengfei ZHANG, Mark WEBER, Greg M. MCFARQUHAR, Berrien MOORE III, Yan ZHANG, Jian ZHANG, J. VIVEKANANDAN, Yasser AL-RASHID, Richard L. ICE, Daniel S. BERKOWITZ, Chong-chi TONG, Caleb FULTON, Richard J. DOVIAK



  • Latest Progress of the Chinese Meteorological Satellite Program and Core Data Processing Technologies

Peng ZHANG, Qifeng LU, Xiuqing HU, Songyan GU, Lei YANG, Min MIN, Lin CHEN, Na XU, Ling Sun, Wenguang BAI, Gang MA, Di XIAN



  • Pathways of Influence of the Northern Hemisphere Mid-high Latitudes on East Asian Climate: A Review

Jianping LI, Fei ZHENG, Cheng SUN, Juan FENG, Jing WANG



  • Progress in Semi-arid Climate Change Studies in China

Jianping HUANG, Jieru MA, Xiaodan GUAN, Yue LI, Yongli HE



2021 Esteemed News & Views Paper Prize

  • 2018 Continues Record Global Ocean Warming

Lijing CHENG, Jiang ZHU, John ABRAHAM, Kevin E. TRENBERTH, John T. FASULLO, Bin ZHANG, Fujiang YU, Liying WAN, Xingrong CHEN, Xiangzhou SONG



2021 Esteemed Data Description Paper Prize

  • CAS FGOALS-f3-L Model Datasets for CMIP6 Historical Atmospheric Model Intercomparison Project Simulation

Bian HE, Qing BAO*, Xiaocong WANG, Linjiong ZHOU, Xiaofei WU, Yimin LIU, Guoxiong WU, Kangjun CHEN, Sicheng HE, Wenting HU, Jiandong LI, Jinxiao LI, Guokui NIAN, Lei WANG, Jing YANG, Minghua ZHANG, Xiaoqi ZHANG




2021 Editor’s Awards

The Editor’s Award is given to an individual who has contributed a reviewer’s report of outstanding merit on a manuscript submitted for publication in Advances in Atmospheric Sciences (AAS). The quality of AAS depends essentially upon reviewers’ voluntary and painstaking efforts. Nominations are considered by the editors and editorial office, which make recommendations for final approval by the Editors-in-Chief.

The following reviewers are to be presented with a 2021 AAS Editor's Award:


  • Bukovcic, Petar (University of Oklahoma Norman Campus): For providing high-quality reviews of manuscripts.

  • Chen, Xiaomin (NOAA): For reviewing multiple manuscripts and providing detailed comments for each of them.

  • Cheung, Ho-Nam (Sun Yat-Sen University): For accepting within a few hours the invitation to review and then returning a thorough but also fair and encouraging review within 10 days.

  • Gim, Hyeon-Ju (Seoul National University): For providing detailed and constructive comments on original and revised versions.

  • Han, Wei (China Meteorological Administration): For providing thoughtful and timely reviews for three manuscripts in the area of satellite data assimilation.

  • Jahn, David (University of Oklahoma Norman Campus): For two rounds of comprehensive reviews that benefited not only the paper but also the authors in their future writing of other papers.

  • Jin, Yishuai (Peking University): For a timely and insightful review that helped a critical editorial decision.

  • Kim, Dasol (Seoul National University): For raising important questions that may have affected the results of the study.

  • Lagerquist, Ryan (University of Oklahoma): For carefully checking all the equations in the paper and providing instrumental comments.

  • Ludwig, Valentin (University of Bremen): For providing an extremely thorough review with very useful feedback that helped to improve the manuscript substantially.

  • Tang, Jianping (Nanjing University): For his comprehensive comments on a manuscript.

  • van Harten, Gerard (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory): For his thoughtful and critical review of a manuscript.

  • Wada, Akiyoshi (Japan Meteorological Agency): For efficient, vigorous and fair reviews.

  • Wang, Gehui (East China Normal University): For his detailed and constructive reviews.

  • Zeng, Zhengzhong (Southern University of Science and Technology): For constructive comments that improved the quality of the manuscript.


This year’s Outstanding Editor awards go to the following editors:


Mike Davey, Jianhua Lu, Noel Keenlyside, Byung-Ju Sohn, Ming Xue, Zong-Liang Yang


And the following guest editors are also to receive an award for organizing special issues in 2020:


Zhiyong Meng, Yuesi Wang, Ning Zeng, Peng Zhang, Tianjun Zhou

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