Main Building Structure of Shanghuang Atmospheric Boundary Layer and Eco-Environment Observatory Completed


Shanghuang Atmospheric Boundary Layer and Eco-Environment Observatory (hereinafter referred as Shanghuang Observatory) which was jointly sponsored by the Institute of Atmospheric Physics/Chinese Academy of Sciences (hereinafter referred as IAP/CAS) and the Wuyi County Government of Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, completed the topping of the main structure of building on February 5, 2021, indicating a great progress in the strategic cooperation between IAP and Wuyi County.


Shanghuang Observatory is aimed to serve as the first field observation platform for interdisciplinary research on the atmospheric environment and ecological system at the top of the atmospheric boundary layer. It will help to establish a reference observatory for environmental-friendly development and provide key experimental platforms and scientific database for the nation’s "carbon neutrality" target by 2060.


As of December of 2020, Wuyi county government has invested a total of 8.78 million RMB in the main structure of observatory, infrastructure and ecological environment protection. IAP provided support in field investigation, measurement, scientific research projects and instruments for Shanghuang observatory, Liucheng SheZu town government provided manpower and material support for the completion of the observatory. The observatory was also supported by Zhejiang University, Zhejiang Academy of Forestry Sciences, Zhejiang Normal University and other scientific research institutions for integrated study on global change in ecology, human and nature coupling system.


Shanghuang observatory is expected to be completed by the end of July 2021, instrument installation will be completed by the end of December of 2021, and the observatory will officially work in 2022. The observatory will perform research on physical and chemical structure of the atmospheric boundary layer, atmospheric turbulence and energy exchange observations, atmospheric mass flux and environmental capacity, cloud and aerosol physics and chemistry, and try to achieve some scientific breakthroughs in the field of atmospheric environment and climate change.


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