Scientific Expedition along the North Slope of the Tibetan Plateau


IAP organized a symposium on "climate change and the synergistic effect of westerly and monsoon" in Kashgar, Xinjiang on July 27, 2021. More than 100 experts, researchers, and graduate students from over ten institutes and universities, participated in the symposium. This symposium was supported by The Second Tibetan Plateau Scientific Expedition and Research (STEP) program.

This symposium focused on the weather and climate over the Tibetan Plateau and its surrounding areas. The leaders of each sub-project reported the key research findings derived during the project execution, mainly covering aspects such as the heavy precipitation events, air-land interaction, simulation and assessment of climate change, and the large-scale circulations that induce the meteorological disasters over the plateau area. The experts attending the conference affirmed the progress of the project and gave many constructive comments and suggestions. At the end of the symposium, project members and experts conducted an in-depth discussion on current issues and work plans in the future. 
Symposium participants.
During July 28–29, the scientific expedition team set out from Kashgar and traveled along the northern slope of the Tibetan Plateau. Establishing a network of field observation stations is challenging due to the harsh environment, but it is of great significance for studying the climate, environment, and ecology over central Asia and the plateau area. The scientific expedition team investigated the observation systems of several field stations and inspected the topography, geomorphology, and meteorological and hydrological disasters along the northern slope of the Tibetan Plateau. This scientific field trip gave the expedition team a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of the weather and climate over the plateau, gathered the meteorological datasets along the northern slope, which greatly promotes the further progress of the project and attracts more scientists' attention to the research of plateau meteorology. 
Daban weather station in Muztagata.
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