Measuring Summer Shallow Cumulus in the Inner Mongolia


Twilight Zone (TZ) is the transition zone surrounding shallow cumulus clouds, which are not always visible to human eyes and can sometimes only be observed by instruments.


A team of scientists from the Key Laboratory of Middle Atmosphere and Global Environment Observation of the CAS Institute of Atmospheric Physics, led by Prof. CHEN Hongbin and Prof. XIA Xiang'ao, just finished their two-week intensive observation campaign in the Inner Mongolia grassland in August and brought home rich data of aerosols and clouds. These data are instrumental to understand atmospheric parameters and aerosol variation within the Twilight Zone and their relationships to ambient atmosphere and cumulus.


Observation site: Zhengxiangbaiqi, Inner Mongolia (Image by CHEN Hongbin)



 Preparation before drone's taking off. (Image by CHEN Hongbin)



 The drone, carrying instruments to measure aerosol and cloud, is ready to take off. (Image by CHEN Hongbin)


  The drone takes off and sails through the sky. (Video by CHEN Hongbin and a Camera onboard the drone)

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