New Year Greeting from Antarctica


It's been a month since Dr. BAN Chao from the CAS Institute of Atmospheric Physics (IAP) arrived in China's Zhongshan station in Antarctica. November to February is summer time in Antarctica and BAN hasn't seen a dark night since his arrival. "The endless polar days are perfect for carrying out our work." Says BAN. His 2023 New Year Day is surely different from most of us.
Zhongshan Station, a Chinese scientific research station in Antarctica. (Image by BAN Chao)

Photo taken in October shows BAN Chao and Xuelong Icebreaker before departure from Shanghai. It took BAN almost a month on board Xuelong Icebreaker to come to Antarctica. (Image by SANG Peng) 
As part of 39th Chinese National Antarctic Research Expedition, BAN Chao's mission is to carry out atmospheric Lidar remote sensing research. The photo shows BAN and his colleague working on equipment maintenance. 
BAN and colleagues send new year greeting from Zhongshan Station. (Image by YANG Weiting)
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