Climate Change Research Center

Climate Change Research Center (CCRC) is a research unit of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). Under the guidance and support of CAS and relevant national departments, the relevant research teams from CAS are organized and coordinated to satisfy the needs of national climate change diplomacy and national sustainable development. CCRC works on strategic, comprehensive and integrated scientific research on a scientific basis, the impacts of and adaptation to climate change, and further provides strong scientific support for policy decisions on the adaptation and response to climate change at the national level.
General objectives:
1. To coordinate and organize the research teams related to climate within CAS, to meet the needs of the country to respond to climate change and achieve sustainable development, to carry out comprehensive and integrated research, and to provide scientific support for the government's decision-making.
2. To build a core research unit on climate change within CAS, and to develop it into a scientific "think tank" for national diplomatic negotiation on climate change.
3. To cooperate internationally in the field of climate change on behalf of CAS.
Main research strategy:
1. Research for international negotiations
This includes tasks assigned by decision-makers and negotiators, making specific efforts to perform targeted research, and providing suggestions based on integrated research in order to take the initiative during negotiations.
2. Research on decision-making related to climate change
Based on national development plans and programs, this includes providing assessment reports on regional climate change over China and the associated impacts on socioeconomic development, and providing suggestions for optimal climate change adaptation and mitigation countermeasures based on scientific approaches such as modeling.
3. Basic scientific research on climate change
This includes research on the attribution of climate change, the future projection of climate change, and many other areas of fundamental research.


Director: WANG Huijun
Deputy Director: LI Shuanglin


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