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ICPO Executive Director of CLIVAR/WCRP Dr. Valery Detemmerman Visited IAP(2015.02.15)  
The 2014 Annual Meeting of National Key Basic Research and Development Program (973) "Dynamic-microphysical-electrical processes in severe thunderstorms and lightning hazards" held in Beijing(2015.02.03)  
2014 Annual Academic Meeting of LASG was held in Beijing(2015.01.16)  
Prof. WU Guoxiong Was Elected IUGG Fellow(2015.01.16)  
The first release of the Integrated Climate Model was highlighted by NSR(2015.01.12)  
Tenure-track Position in ecosystem and land surface modeling at San...(2015.02.25)  
Postdoc Position in Climate Science at San Diego State University(2015.02.25)  
Advances in Atmospheric Sciences Volume 32 Issue 4 is now available...(2015.02.15)  
Dr. Tianjun Zhou is appointed the SSG Member of SPARC / WCRP(2015.02.02)  
[Seminar on 4 Feb] Is Extreme Typhoon Precipitation Increasing with...(2015.01.29)  
[Workshop announcement] AGU monsoon meeting(2015.01.26)  
Advances in Atmospheric Sciences Volume 32 No. 3 is now available o...(2015.01.20)  
Impact of Subdaily Air-Sea interaction on Simul... [2015.02.12]
huwenting.png The off-equatorial boreal summer intraseasonal oscillation (ISO) is closely linked to the onset, active, and break phases of the tropical Asian monsoon, but the accurate simulation of the eastward-...
Causes of mid-Pliocene strengthened summer and ... [2015.02.10]
zhang.png The effects of changed boundary conditions on the mid-Pliocene East Asian monsoon climate are analyzed, based on PRISM3 (Pliocene Research Interpretation and Synoptic Mapping) palaeoenvironmental r...
Projected climate change in the northwestern ar... [2015.02.10]
AOSL_Figure5.jpg Model validation indicated that the multimodel simulations reproduce the spatial and temporal distribution of temperature and precipitation well.
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