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IAP-hosted Journal joined Springer Haze Campaign(2015.03.30)  
2015 Esteemed Paper Prize of Advances in Atmospheric Sciences(2015.03.24)  
Annual project meeting of The Decadal Climate Change Mechanisms in Global Typical Arid and Semi-arid Areas and its impact studies"(2015.03.03)  
ICPO Executive Director of CLIVAR/WCRP Dr. Valery Detemmerman Visited IAP(2015.02.15)  
The 2014 Annual Meeting of National Key Basic Research and Development Program (973) "Dynamic-microphysical-electrical processes in severe thunderstorms and lightning hazards" held in Beijing(2015.02.03)  
ERT positions open(2015.03.31)  
[Seminar on 1 April] Health and climate impacts of atmospheric aero...(2015.03.30)  
[Seminar on 2 April] Inter-discipline research for smart cities: a ...(2015.03.30)  
Upcoming event: The International Radiation Symposium 2016 in Auckland(2015.03.26)  
Upcoming event: Our Common Future Under Climate Change(2015.03.17)  
[Seminar on 20 March] Response of El Nino Events to Higher CO2 Forc...(2015.03.17)  
Upcoming event: Workshop for CMIP5 Model Analysis and Scientific Pl...(2015.03.17)  
IAP Scientists Identified Key Circulation Featu... [2015.04.01]
meiyu.jpg Dr. Xie Zuowei and Prof. Bueh Cholaw, systematically investigated the NCCV circulations during May to mid-June. They identified distinct features of NCCV circulations and their associations with di...
ENSO—East Asian Winter Monsoon Relationship De... [2015.03.30]
Leiyang_200802.jpg IAP scientists' research suggests that the current CMIP5 models can generally reproduce the climatology and interannual variability of the EAWM well, but are somewhat weak in reproducing the tropic...
Interannual climate variability of the past mil... [2015.03.30]
figure2.png This research presents analyses of ten model simulations to investigate the interannual variability of temperature and precipitation during the Last Millennium and the possible causes.
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