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Watch out! Summer Rainfall over the Yangtze River Valley after Similar El Nino Events Can Be Different(2017.09.19)  
Is the Earth warming? The ocean gives you the answer(2017.09.15)  
Finer Reslution, More Realistic Representation of ENSO and Related East Asian Summer Climate(2017.09.05)  
Monitoring Carbon Dioxide from Space(2017.08.23)  
An Echo from the Past to the Future on the Abrupt Seasonal Changes of the General Circulation(2017.08.21)  
[Seminar on Sept 20] Assessing Aerosol Indirect Effects through Ice...(2017.09.15)  
[Seminar on Sept 15]The Nature of the Hadley Cell(2017.09.08)  
[Seminar on Sept 11] Climate Event Attribution(2017.08.23)  
[Seminar on Aug 25] Seasonal Forecast Uncertainties and Surface Soi...(2017.08.21)  
[Seminar on Aug 11] Investigating the ocean’s role in the Atlantic...(2017.08.11)  
[Seminar on Aug 7] The state of dams in the US and the role of wate...(2017.08.04)  
[Seminar on Aug 1] Some recent research on water cycle and land-atm...(2017.07.28)  
What`s New
Atmospheric Profiling Synthetic Observation Sys... [2017.09.11]
apsos.jpg An Atmospheric Profiling Synthetic Observation System (APSOS), aiming to deepen our understanding on the interactions within the whole (neutral) atmosphere layers, have been implemented successfull...
International Workshop on the Asian Monsoon in ... [2017.09.05]
yunnan.jpg The International Workshop on the Asian Monsoon in a Warmer World was held in Yunnan, China on Aug. 20-23, 2017.
IAP Ranked Nature Index Top 500 Institutions [2017.09.02]
图片3.jpg For the first time, Institute of Atmospheric Physics (IAP) was selected into Top 500 Institutions of the latest Nature Index table released on Aug 31, 2017 (
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