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7 papers published in Advances in Atmospheric Sciences are included in a Springer Spotlight on Pollution(2014.07.25)  
2014 IAP Summer Camp successfully held(2014.07.22)  
CNC-FE organized a Future Earth session at Eco-Forum Global Annual Conference Guiyang 2014(2014.07.22)  
ICCES 2014 International Training Workshop held in Beijing(2014.07.11)  
China's rise as a major contributor to science and technology (Source: PNAS)(2014.07.04)  
[Seminar on 5 Aug]The link between Pacific Subtropical Cell and Tro...(2014.07.24)  
Call for abstracts to AMS 95th Annual Meeting: Aerosol impacts on s...(2014.07.22)  
Advances in Atmospheric Sciences Volume 31 No. 5 is now available o...(2014.07.15)  
[Seminar on 17 July] Global Water Vapor Trend and its Diurnal Asymm...(2014.07.09)  
[Seminar on 16 July] ENSO Asymmetry in CMIP5 models(2014.07.09)  
[Seminar on 14 July] What Has Caused the Global Warming Hiatus from...(2014.07.09)  
[Seminar on 11 July] Global Precipitation Measurement, Validation a...(2014.07.09)  
[Early Online Release] Analysis of nonstationar... [2014.07.22]
xu.jpg Climatological patterns in wind fluctuations on time scales of 1–10 h are analyzed at a meteorological mast at the Yangmeishan wind farm, Yunnan Province, China. The Hilbert-Huang transform is app...
[Recently Published] Indian Ocean warming duri... [2014.07.21]
Fig1_s.jpg 1. The observed Indian Ocean warming trend is largely attributed to the external forcing (more than 90%), while the residual is attributed to the internal variability. The anthropogenic forcing acc...
[Early Online Release] Impacts of Uncertainty i... [2014.07.15]
130251_s.jpg Underestimation of AVOC emissions could lead to significant underestimation of concentrations of secondary organic aerosols and inorganic aerosols in polluted areas.
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