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Scientists Identify Aerosol Particle Composition and Light Extinction Apportionment before and during the Heating season in Beijing, China(2016.01.26)  
Scientists Track Lightning Propagation and Strike at Ground Using High-resolution Detection Technology(2016.01.25)  
Covariations of SST and Surface Heat Flux on Intraseasonal Time Scales over the South China Sea and Western North Pacific(2016.01.22)  
Scientists "Catch" the Predictable Signals for Seasonal Forecasting of Soil Moisture over China(2016.01.21)  
Revisiting the Relationship between South Asian High and East Asian Summer Monsoon Heating(2016.01.20)  
Free Articles--Celebrate the Chinese New Year With Springer!(2016.02.03)  
[Seminar on 1 Feb. 2016] Approach for estimating atmospheric deposi...(2016.01.25)  
Advances in Atmospheric Sciences Volume 33 Issue 3 is now available...(2016.01.17)  
IAP MOOC on Data Assimilation(2016.01.17)  
Advances in Atmospheric Sciences Volumne 33 Issue 2 is now availabl...(2015.12.28)  
Advances in Atmospheric Sciences Volume 33 Issue 1 is now available...(2015.12.04)  
CLIVAR Open Science Conference(2015.12.04)  
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Chinese Scientists Reviewed a Connection betwee... [2016.01.18]
Science China.jpg Chinese scientists reviewed advances in studying interactions between aerosols and weather and climate over East Asian monsoon regions. This review has been published as the cover story in volume 1...
CAS Carbon Project debuts at COP [2015.12.14]
carbon project4.jpg When the world cheers for “the first universal agreement in history on climate change", as commented by French President Francois Hollande, on 12 Dec. 2015, the CAS Carbon Project has also made it...
The 4th WCRP CORDEX Science and Training Worksh... [2015.12.14]
downscaling1.jpg "The 4th WCRP CORDEX Science and Training Workshop in East Asia” was held in 23-26 November 2015 at International Conference Centre of University of Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing, China.
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