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Tibetan Plateau Gets Wetter and Greener in Early Summer in Recent Decades(2017.08.11)  
Global Warming Will Leave Different Fingerprints on Global Subtropical Anticyclones(2017.08.11)  
Fire impacts climate more than land use(2017.07.28)  
IAP Scientists Unravel Changes of Extreme Temperature and Its Discrepancies among Multiple Datasets(2017.07.13)  
Precipitation Extremes in the Dry Regions of China Found Closely Related to the Sea Surface Temperature(2017.07.10)  
[Seminar on Aug 11] Investigating the ocean’s role in the Atlantic...(2017.08.11)  
[Seminar on Aug 7] The state of dams in the US and the role of wate...(2017.08.04)  
[Seminar on Aug 1] Some recent research on water cycle and land-atm...(2017.07.28)  
[Seminar on July 31] Improving the Representation of Estuarine Proc...(2017.07.26)  
[Seminar on July 31] Numerical Weather Model-based Satellite Precip...(2017.07.26)  
[Seminar on July 17] Gradient-Independent Models of Water, Energy a...(2017.07.13)  
[Seminar on July 12] Study the future climate change over western C...(2017.07.11)  
What`s New
Unmanned Atmospheric Observation in Taklamakan [2017.07.27]
Taklamakan.jpg An unmanned aviation vehicle(UAV) glided into the uninhabited central Taklamakan during a field observation campaign on18-23 July, 2017. The UAV was developed by the Institute of Atmospheric Physic...
Arctic sea ice cover to be second-lowest recorded [2017.07.12]
arctic-ocean-1255679_960_720.jpg Arctic sea ice cover is set to reach to the second-lowest extent since satellite observations began in 1979, according to scientists from Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Scienc...
More New Data Are Expected from Old Meteorologi... [2017.07.11]
China-Tajikistan3.jpg CAS scientists selected meteorological observation stations to be supported by Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) “The Belt and Road Initiatives” Program on Climate Change Research and Observation.
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