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Surprise! Ammonia emitted from fertilized paddy fields mostly doesn’t end up in the air(2020.03.20)  
Ammonia Has Been Wrongly Missing in Portraying Air Pollution Impacts(2020.03.19)  
Scientists Work toward More Reliable Prediction of South Asian Summer Monsoon Rainfall for the Upcoming 15-30 Years(2020.03.17)  
How Does Sea Surface Temperature Warming Amplify Rainfall Variability in Tropical Pacific?(2020.03.17)  
New Findings of Chemical Differences between PM1 and PM2.5 Might Reshape Air Pollution Studies(2020.03.09)  
LASG Newsletter (Dec 2019)(2019.12.31)  
[Seminar on Jan 7] An efficient reduced sampling Monte Carlo method...(2019.12.27)  
[Seminar on Dec 27] Thermodynamic and Dynamic Mechanisms for Hydrol...(2019.12.17)  
[Seminar on Dec 30] Development of Optimized Radar Data Assimilatio...(2019.12.17)  
[Seminar on Dec 19] Global climate impacts of the Indian Ocean warm...(2019.12.17)  
Call for papers: CMIP6 Experiments: Model and Dataset Description(2019.12.12)  
[Seminar on Dec 19] Global climate impacts of the Indian Ocean warm...(2019.12.12)  
What`s New
Feature: China's Octogenarian Forecaster [2020.03.23]
Zeng2.jpg China's top science award winner Zeng Qingcun is a pioneer of numerical weather forecasting.
IAP Organizes a Scientific Session at AAAS2020 [2020.02.22]
AAAS.jpg It is the first time Chinese atmospheric scientists organizing a scientific session, coordinated by CAS, at an AAAS annual meeting.
Extreme Hot Weather Events Rising in Northern H... [2020.02.13]
drought.jpg A study showed that the compound hot extremes increase by about one day every 10 years on average during that period, and the temperature increases by 0.28 degrees centigrade every 10 years. Statis...
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