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2014 Annual Academic Meeting of LASG was held in Beijing(2015.01.16)  
Prof. WU Guoxiong Was Elected IUGG Fellow(2015.01.16)  
The first release of the Integrated Climate Model was highlighted by NSR(2015.01.12)  
IAP ranked the third among CAS insitutes according to Nature China Index 2014(2014.12.19)  
Friends and students celebrate 60 years' research of Prof. Zeng Qingcun(2014.12.16)  
[Seminar on 4 Feb] Is Extreme Typhoon Precipitation Increasing with...(2015.01.29)  
[Workshop announcement] AGU monsoon meeting(2015.01.26)  
Advances in Atmospheric Sciences Volume 32 No. 3 is now available o...(2015.01.20)  
2015 Editor's Award of Advances in Atmospheric Sciences(2015.01.20)  
Atmospheric and Oceanic Science Letters Vol.8 No.1 is now available...(2015.01.12)  
[Seminar on 16 Jan] Review of NCEP Global NWP Model Development and...(2015.01.08)  
APCC Open Position for Head of External Affairs Department at APEC ...(2014.12.30)  
Changing Relationship between Boreal Winter Nor... [2015.01.29]
chen1.png Dr. Chen Shangfeng , Prof. Wu Renguang and Prof. Chen Wen from Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences found that relationship between interannual variations of boreal winter ...
What modulates multi-decadal summer precipitati... [2015.01.27]
yulei.png The international research team found that the decadal to multi-decadal variation in precipitation is modulated by the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) in 20th century.
An Attempt to Predict Non-Gaussian Climate Extr... [2015.01.27]
qian1.png To understand and predict regional scale or even local scale climate extremes is a great challenge not only because they are rare but also because they are sometime, if not often, non-Gaussian dist...
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