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Scientists Identify the Mechanism for Global Warming Slowdown in the Early 2000s(2018.11.12)  
Convection-Permitting Models Better Depict the Diurnal Cycle of Precipitation over East Asia(2018.11.06)  
Scientists Reveal Spring Cold Spells That Reduce Crop Yields(2018.11.01)  
Natural Climate Change Has Major Influence on Hydrological Cycle over "China Water Tower"(2018.11.01)  
Balloon Measurements Reveal Dust Particle Properties in Free Troposphere over a Desert(2018.10.29)  
[Seminar on Nov 15] Mean and Extreme Precipitation over European Ri...(2018.11.07)  
[Seminar on Nov 15] Climatology of Tibetan Plateau Vortices in Rean...(2018.11.07)  
[Seminar on Nov 11] Ensemble Forecasting: Mission Impoosible?(2018.11.02)  
[Seminar on Nov 1] Free Modes and Low-frequency Variability in the ...(2018.10.26)  
[Seminar on Oct 29] Spectroradiometry for atmospheric research appl...(2018.10.24)  
[Seminar on Oct 28] The Essential Role of Sea-ice Loss in Arctic Am...(2018.10.19)  
[Seminar on Oct 17] A Grey Zone GCM(2018.10.12)  
What`s New
Prof. Sir Brian Hoskins visits IAP [2018.10.09]
W020181010342283472635.jpg Prof. Sir Brian Hoskins from Imperial College London/University of Reading visited IAP on Oct 8-9, 2018 and deliver a lecture.
High Resolution Sea Ice Model Development Proje... [2018.10.05]
seaice2.jpg On September 21, 2018, the project titled "Development of High Resolution Sea Ice Model" (Project No. 2018YFA0605900, PI: Prof. LIU Jiping) held a kick-off meeting at the Institute of Atmospheric P...
2018 LASG Summer School on Climate System Model... [2018.07.27]
W020180719363376313096.jpg 2018 LASG summer school on climate system model development and application was held from July 12-16, 2018 in Beijing.
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