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Record Breaking Ocean Temperatures Point to Trends of Global Warming(2019.01.17)  
Ocean Warming Is Accelerating(2019.01.11)  
Scientists Built a New Dataset of Atmospheric Heat Source/sink over the Tibetan Plateau(2018.12.25)  
Fire Air Pollution Weakens Forest Productivity(2018.12.24)  
What Causes Extreme heat in North China?(2018.12.20)  
[Seminar on Jan 17] Arctic Climate Rapid Change and Lower Latitude ...(2019.01.09)  
[Seminar on Jan 15] Two Regimes of Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillatio...(2019.01.09)  
[Seminar on Dec 27] Measurements of geophysical parameters in Armenia(2018.12.25)  
[Seminar on Dec 10] The Hadley Centre Attribution System(2018.11.30)  
[Seminar on Dec. 10] Impacts of Recent Decadal Changes in Asian Aer...(2018.11.26)  
[Seminar on Nov 15] Mean and Extreme Precipitation over European Ri...(2018.11.07)  
[Seminar on Nov 15] Climatology of Tibetan Plateau Vortices in Rean...(2018.11.07)  
What`s New
Beijing Builds Earth Simulation Platform [2019.01.15]
earthlab201901.jpg Construction of an earth simulation platform is underway in Beijing to serve atmosphere, hydrosphere, cryosphere, lithosphere and biosphere studies.
Tracking CO2 [2019.01.11]
aerostat1.jpg IAP is leading and coordinating intensive observations in JJJ region from January 7th to January 12th, 2019, to produce more detailed 3-D CO2 concentration for regional CO2 emission study.
Oceans Warming Faster than Expected, Set Heat R... [2019.01.11]
bleaching.jpg New measurements, aided by an international network of 3,900 floats deployed in the oceans since 2000, showed more warming since 1971 than calculated by the latest U.N. assessment of climate change...
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