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IAP ranked the third among CAS insitutes according to Nature China Index 2014(2014.12.19)  
Friends and students celebrate 60 years' research of Prof. Zeng Qingcun(2014.12.16)  
IAP students interviewed the famous weatherman(2014.12.06)  
IAP and UK Imperial College signed an MoU(2014.11.21)  
Cross strait workshop on air-sea multi-scale interaction and tropical cyclone over the western North Pacific (WNP) warm pool and cooperation prospect held in Yangzhou(2014.11.20)  
Dr. Tianjun Zhou becomes an Associate Editor of QJRMS(2014.12.11)  
Free access to the Special Section commemorating the 30th anniversa...(2014.12.09)  
WANG Huijun was honored “Distinguished Chinese Visiting Scholars”...(2014.12.03)  
Call for applications: Future Earth young scientists' networking co...(2014.11.26)  
Special Section to Commemorate the 30th Anniversary of Advances in ...(2014.11.15)  
[Seminar on 21 Nov., 2014]Phase and Acidity Regulate the Production...(2014.11.15)  
[Seminar on 18 Nov.]Towards understanding the effects of small-scal...(2014.11.15)  
Can human activity affect Pacific Decadal Varia... [2014.12.14]
donglu.jpg Pacific Decadal Variability (PDV) is one of the most important climate phenomena, and is a key component in the predictability of both regional and global climate change. Given PDV’s major links w...
Investigating the relationship between the summ... [2014.12.12]
1.jpg The northern limit of summer southerly wind index (NLSSWI) over East China is defined as the latitude where the longitude-averaged (105–120°E) low-level meridional wind is equal to zero. Results ...
A look into the clouds [2014.12.12]
DSC_0567.jpg Cirrus clouds mainly stay in the upper troposphere. Unlike other cloud types, cirrus clouds generally play a warming role in the radiation budget of the earth-atmosphere system because the solar ra...
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