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Orientation Day for IAP New Students(2014.09.09)  
Delegation from Fudan Tyndall Centre Visited IAP and CNC-FE(2014.08.18)  
Cooperation study on meteorological tower observations between Korea and China(2014.08.18)  
IAP Delegation Attended AOGS 11th Annual Meeting(2014.08.07)  
IAP/CAS hosted journals attend 2014 AOGS exhibit(2014.08.06)  
[Seminar on 10 Sept.] Climate simulations meet weather prediction: ...(2014.09.09)  
Advances in Atmospheric Sciences Volume 31 No. 6 is now available o...(2014.09.09)  
[Seminar on 18 Sept.] Challenges in understanding land-climate inte...(2014.08.27)  
[Seminar on 3 Sept.] Combining observed wind stress anomalies with ...(2014.08.27)  
[Seminar on 3 Sept.] Atmospheric Aerosol, Air Quality and Climate C...(2014.08.25)  
[Seminar on 22 Aug] Applications of Lightning Remote Sensing with L...(2014.08.20)  
AAS Esteemed Paper Prize(2014.08.05)  
Application of a derivative-free method with pr... [2014.09.16]
140041fig1.jpg The application of the Differential Evolution (DE) algorithm (a derivative-free approach) in calculating the Conditional Nonlinear Optimal Perturbation (CNOP) with ball constraint was investigated ...
CO2 Fluxes and Climatic Factors in Ningxiang [2014.09.09]
fig1.jpg Diurnal and seasonal variations of CO2 fluxes in a subtropical mixed evergreen forest and its climate factors were quantified by IAP scientists.
IAP scientists explored the role of non-convect... [2014.09.05]
li.png many studies have focused on convective parameterization scheme and its individual processes, such as closure assumption and momentum transport, tuning parameters and model resolution in AGCMs, how...
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