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Large-scale Climatic Warming Could Increase Persistent Haze in Beijing(2018.03.15)  
North Pacific climate patterns influence El Nino occurrences(2018.03.07)  
Scientists Identify Ammonia Hotspots in China Using a National Observation Network(2018.03.05)  
Organizational Modes of Convective Systems Responsible for Severe Convective Wind over North China(2018.03.05)  
Vertical Measurements of Air Pollutants in Urban Beijing(2018.03.02)  
AAS 2018 Esteemed Paper Prize and Editor's Award(2018.03.07)  
Arctic temperatures rising but not record highs: Chinese scientists(2018.03.06)  
[Seminar on March 6] Multiphase chemistry and phase state of organi...(2018.03.02)  
[Seminar on Feb 11]Simultaneous determination of aerosol optical th...(2018.01.31)  
[Seminar on Feb. 2] Driving Innovation Together: The World Weather ...(2018.01.29)  
[Seminar on March 7] The developments in ORCHIDEE land surface mode...(2018.01.26)  
[Seminar on Jan 30] Ice cloud properties from Himawari-8/AHI geosta...(2018.01.26)  
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Arctic Ny Alesund Sees Rapid Warming, but Not t... [2018.03.03]
daily mean air temperature.jpg The IAP scientists analyze the in-situ air temperature at Ny Alesund (78°55'1.2N, 11°55'58.8E), where the Chinese Arctic station Yellow River locates and warns the fast warmup in the Arctic, but ...
LASG FGOALS-f 2.0 Tropical Cyclones Forecasting... [2018.02.08]
W020180123368717839709.jpg At National Supercomputer Centre in Guangzhou (NSCC-GZ) 2017 Users Group annual meeting held recently in Guangzhou, simulation and seasonal forecasting system of global tropical cyclone activities ...
WWRP Director visits IAP [2018.02.08]
W020180207394530008163.jpg Dr. Paolo Ruti, Chief of World Weather Research Division, World Meteorological Organisation, and Ms. Ms. Julia Keller, Junior Professional Officer of the same division, visited Institute of Atmosph...
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