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A New Mechanism to Explain How El Nino Influences East Asian and Western North Pacific Climate(2017.12.11)  
Special Issue of Advances in Atmospheric Sciences to Highlight Impact of Changes in Arctic Climate(2017.12.07)  
Quantifying the Greenhouse Gas Footprint of Crop Cultivation(2017.12.06)  
Haze Pollution Affects Satellite Cloud Detection(2017.11.24)  
Research Reveals How Strong Cold Events Invade Southern China(2017.11.23)  
[Seminar on Dec. 28] Climate targets to limit climate change(2017.12.06)  
[Seminar on Nov 28]The Australian community land surface model (CAB...(2017.11.23)  
[Seminar on Nov. 23] Diffusion based devices for the evaluation of ...(2017.11.20)  
[Seminar on Nov. 3] Spatially extended estimates of analysis and sh...(2017.10.31)  
[Seminar on Oct. 20] Aerosol climate effects over East Asia: Aeroso...(2017.10.28)  
[Seminar on Oct 19] Aerosol climate effects over East Asia: Aerosol...(2017.10.19)  
[Seminar on Oct 19] CO2 Radiative Forcing: Beyond a Global Mean Value(2017.10.17)  
What`s New
The 7th Annual Conference of Atmospheric Bounda... [2017.12.12]
LAPC.jpg The Annual Conference of 2017 of the State Key Laboratory of Atmospheric Boundary Layer Physics and Atmospheric Chemistry (LAPC) was held from December 2 to December 4, 2017 in Beijing.
AOSL Indexed by ESCI [2017.10.20]
Clarivate.png Atmospheric and Oceanic Science Letters (AOSL), an international journal hosted by Institute of Atmospheric Physics and co-published by Taylor&Francis and Science Press, is indexed by the Emerging ...
Prof. CHEN Wen Appointed as WCRP SPARC SSG Member [2017.10.13]
WCRP.jpg Prof. CHEN Wen of IAP was appointed WCRP SPARC SSG Member on Sept 28, 2017. Prof. CHEN's 3-year office term will start on January 2018.
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