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China launched a ten-year project to study the global climate impact of the Tibetan Plateau(2014.10.06)  
International Training on Ecosystem-Climate Interactions held at CAS IAP in Beijing(2014.09.30)  
Scientists meet to address haze pollution in China(2014.09.28)  
Orientation Day for IAP New Students(2014.09.09)  
Delegation from Fudan Tyndall Centre Visited IAP and CNC-FE(2014.08.18)  
[Seminar on 15 Oct.] Spectral radiative kernel and the spectral dim...(2014.10.14)  
[Seminar on 27 Oct.] Detection and attribution of climate change fo...(2014.10.08)  
[Seminar on 16 Oct.] High resolution climate modelling using High P...(2014.10.08)  
[Seminar on 9 Oct.] Heaving modes in the world oceans&its role in c...(2014.10.06)  
IUGG 2015 calls for abstracts(2014.10.06)  
The Annual Academic Meeting of IAP will be held on 24th October, 2014(2014.09.26)  
[Seminar on 26 Sept] The study on H2S measurement and secondary org...(2014.09.26)  
IAP scientists revealed the role of external fo... [2014.10.21]
Gao.png In view of the external forcing factors’ (both volcanic eruptions and solar irradiance) impact on both ISM rainfall and NAO, the external forcing factors may lead to the statistical relationship b...
Did anthropogenic forcing contribute to the hot... [2014.10.20]
express.png ZHOU Tianjun et al. found anthropogenic forcing had a discernible impact on the hot summer in central eastern China during 2013, with internal variability also being important.
A new method to assess long-term trend in the o... [2014.10.14]
zhu.png Considering the sampling bias, ZHU’s team proposed a new method to assess long-term trend in the OHC (0–700 m).
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