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Delegation from Fudan Tyndall Centre Visited IAP and CNC-FE(2014.08.18)  
Cooperation study on meteorological tower observations between Korea and China(2014.08.18)  
IAP Delegation Attended AOGS 11th Annual Meeting(2014.08.07)  
IAP/CAS hosted journals attend 2014 AOGS exhibit(2014.08.06)  
7 papers published in Advances in Atmospheric Sciences are included in a Springer Spotlight on Pollution(2014.07.25)  
[Seminar on 22 Aug] Applications of Lightning Remote Sensing with L...(2014.08.20)  
AAS Esteemed Paper Prize(2014.08.05)  
The Impact Factor of AAS has increased to 1.459(2014.08.04)  
Atmospheric and Oceanic Science Letters Vol.7 No.4 is now availabe ...(2014.08.04)  
[Workshop Circular] Dynamics of Atmosphere-Ice-Ocean Interactions i...(2014.07.30)  
[Seminar on 5 Aug]The link between Pacific Subtropical Cell and Tro...(2014.07.24)  
Call for abstracts to AMS 95th Annual Meeting: Aerosol impacts on s...(2014.07.22)  
Time-dependent nonlinear forcing singular vecto... [2014.08.20]
Fig 3.png Time-dependent nonlinear forcing singular vector-type tendency error of the Zebiak-Cane model
How will the Indian Ocean Basin Mode and its ca... [2014.08.20]
huang1.png For millions of people, the intensity of East Asian summer monsoon indicates the wet or dry conditions there. Plenty of previous studies have proved that the first leading mode of the interannual v...
A new study on the role of atmospheric moisture... [2014.08.19]
Fig_01.jpg This study shows that present strong aerosol DRF is closely related to regional meteorological fields. In particular, the unique summer monsoon features bring about significant aerosol regional rad...
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