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IAP Scientists Reveal the Summer Monsoon Break over the Western North Pacific(2018.04.23)  
How Does the Pacific Walker Circulation Respond to Strong Tropical Volcanism?(2018.04.18)  
Why Can’t We Simulate the Central Pacific Type of ENSO Very Well?(2018.04.18)  
How Can the Eurasian Atmospheric Circulation Anomalies Persist from Winter to the Following Spring?(2018.04.16)  
First Global Carbon Dioxide Maps Produced by Chinese Observation Satellite(2018.04.13)  
[Seminar on May 8] Development and application of WRF-CLM to study ...(2018.04.19)  
[Seminar on April 23] Structure and tracer distributions in the Asi...(2018.04.17)  
[Seminar On April 24] Frontier modeling of the ocean and climate: a...(2018.04.14)  
[Seminar on April 25] Amplified warming over the Third Pole and its...(2018.04.09)  
[Seminar on April 12] Building a unified Weather-Climate modeling s...(2018.04.08)  
[Seminar on April 10] Regional Climate Modelling for Impact Studies(2018.04.08)  
[Seminar on April 12] A robust empirical seasonal prediction of win...(2018.04.08)  
What`s New
China, Norway to boost cooperation in Arctic cl... [2018.04.20]
NZC15.jpg China and Norway plan to increase cooperation on Arctic climate monitoring and prediction.
China and Norway Celebrate 15th Anniversary of ... [2018.04.19]
NZC.jpg The Nansen-Zhu International Research Centre (NZC) is a joint venture between Norway and China located at the Institute of Atmospheric Physics under the Chinese Academy of Sciences (IAP/CAS) in Bei...
University of Sussex Student Delegation Visits ... [2018.03.27]
W020180327355913391616.jpg Student delegation from the Department of Geography, University of Sussex, UK vosited IAP on March 23, 2018.
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