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A Dynamic Root Distribution Improves Carbon and Water Simulation in the Amazon during the Dry Season(2016.06.23)  
Redefining the Importance of Nitrate During Haze Pollution to Help Optimize an Emission Control Strategy: "The NOx Hypothesis"(2016.06.23)  
Cloud, Radiation and the Large-scale Circulation Interacts on the Roof of the World(2016.06.02)  
Madden–Julian Oscillation Exhibits Distinct Features during Two Types of El Nino(2016.05.31)  
Ural Blocking induces amplification of the Winter Warm Arctic–Cold Eurasian Anomalies(2016.05.19)  
[Seminar on 28 June] Mechanisms for El Nino and La Nina Evolution A...(2016.06.23)  
[Seminar on 28 June] Global Warming Hiatus and the Curious Intensif...(2016.06.22)  
[Seminar on 24 June] Seasonal to decadal sea ice predictability and...(2016.06.22)  
Advances in Atmospheric Sciences Volume 33 Issue 8 is now available...(2016.06.22)  
Register now for Lecture Courses on Atmospheric Aerosol (deadline: ...(2016.06.17)  
Call for papers (Deadline: 1 July 2016): 15th CTWF International Sy...(2016.06.17)  
Workshop Announcement: Arctic change and its influence on mid-latit...(2016.06.03)  
What`s New
ZENG Qingcun Wins the International Meteorologi... [2016.06.24]
zqc2.jpg On 22 June, the Executive Council of World Meteorological Organization announced the 61th International Meteorological Organisation (IMO) Prize winner—Prof. ZENG Qingcun from Institute of Atmosphe...
ICSU Executive Director appoints Prof. JIA Gens... [2016.05.19]
jiagensuo.jpg Prof. JIA Gensuo from Institute of Atmospheric Physics (IAP) has been appointed by ICSU Executive Director Heide Hackmann to serve as a Member of the Panel for the Review of the Integrated Research...
Prof. ZHOU Tianjun Appointed Associate Editor o... [2016.04.12]
20160408-Zhou Maus Hu.jpg Prof. ZHOU Tianjun from the Institute of Atmospheric Physics has become the Associate Editor of the International Journal of Climatology (IJOC) upon the invitation of the Editor-in-Chief of IJOC, D...
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