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IAP Scientists Reveal Climatic Effect of Irrigation over the Yellow River Basin(2017.04.12)  
Scientsits Propose a New Parameterization of Canopy Radiative Transfer for Land Surface Radiation Models(2017.04.10)  
Buckle up! Climate Change to Increase Severe Aircraft Turbulence(2017.04.06)  
Scientists Evaluate Performance of the RegCM4 Regional Climate Model over China(2017.04.05)  
Scientists Unravel Effect of ENSO and Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation on the East Asian Winter Monsoon(2017.04.01)  
[Seminar on May 4] Machine learning-based surrogate modeling for un...(2017.04.25)  
[Seminar on April 18] Model Diagnosis of El Nino Teleconnections to...(2017.04.18)  
[Seminar on April 21] Weather on Remote Worlds: the Atmospheric Cir...(2017.04.06)  
[Seminar on April 10] Dust activities and their associated climate ...(2017.04.05)  
[Seminar on April 10] Impacts of Middle East dust aerosols on India...(2017.04.05)  
[Seminar on 6 April] Building Pathways for Climate Adaptation from ...(2017.03.29)  
[Seminar on 27 March] Tackle Grand:Environmental Challenges though...(2017.03.22)  
What`s New
University of Sussex Student Delegation Visited... [2017.04.11]
sussex1.jpg On April 7 2017, students’ delegation from University of Sussex (US), UK visited Institute of Atmospheric Physics (IAP), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).
CAS-CSIRO Joint Project on Extreme Drought and ... [2017.04.11]
IAP-CSIRO.jpg A CAS-CSIRO joint project “Extreme Droughts and Floods in Changing Climate-A New Normal & Adaptation Pathways for an Integrated Lancang-Mekong River Basin”(GJHZ1729) kick-off meeting was held on ...
LASG High-resolution Atmospheric General Circul... [2017.01.18]
awarding ceremony.jpg At a recent National Supercomputer Centre in Guangzhou (NSCC-GZ) 2016 Users Group Annual meeting, high-resolution atmospheric general circulation model (GCMs) FAMIL (Finite volume Atmospheric Model...
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