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Prof. WU Guoxiong Has Been Elected a Fellow of the American Geophysical Union(2015.07.29)  
JAS Chief Editor Prof. Jose Luis SANCHEZ visited IAP(2015.07.20)  
CAS PIFI Professorship awardee visited IAP(2015.06.08)  
International cooperation on Himalayas research(2015.06.02)  
Prepare for AOGS2016(2015.05.25)  
[Seminar on 31 July] Estimating heat stress from climate-based indi...(2015.07.28)  
[Seminar on 30 July] Formation Mechanisms of Future SST-Precipitati...(2015.07.28)  
2015 AGU Fall Meeting and 2016 AMS Annual Meeting: abstract submiss...(2015.07.23)  
[Seminar on 22 July] Impact of Sea Breeze on the Urban Heat Island ...(2015.07.22)  
[Seminar on 24 July] Paleo-ENSO Evolution: Observation, Modeling an...(2015.07.14)  
[Seminar on 15 July] Impact of solar panels on global climate(2015.07.06)  
[Seminar on 10 July] Climate Research under Anthropogenic Influence(2015.07.06)  
Extratropical Ocean Warming and Winter Arctic S... [2015.08.04]
sea ice.jpg In response to one positive (negative) unit of deviation in the ET-SST pattern, the Arctic sea ice cover decreases (increases) in the Barents–Kara Seas and Hudson Bay (the Baffin Bay and Bering S...
What Affects Variations of Northeast Asian temp... [2015.07.28]
Northeast Asian summer temperature1.jpg The variations of Northeast Asian summer temperature are associated with different circulation patterns from sub-seasaonl to decadal timesacle, which indicates a complication of Northeast Asian su...
Climatological Features and Air Origin of Midla... [2015.07.27]
Double Tropopauses2.jpg IAP scientists have analyzed the climatological features of the DTs using ERA-Interim data from 2003 to 2012, and found that DTs are permanent or semi-permanent in the midlatitudes, and high DT fre...
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