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Scientists Find Why CP El Nino Harder to Predict than EP El Nino(2017.11.22)  
Filling the Gap: High-latitude Volcanic Eruptions Also Have Global Impact(2017.11.20)  
Identify the Best Drought Index to Study Global Drylands(2017.11.08)  
Study Reveals Decadal Variation of the Relationship between East Asian Summer Monsoon and ENSO(2017.11.06)  
A New Method to Evaluate Overall Performance of a Climate Model in Simulating Multiple Fields(2017.11.01)  
[Seminar on Nov. 23] Diffusion based devices for the evaluation of ...(2017.11.20)  
[Seminar on Nov. 3] Spatially extended estimates of analysis and sh...(2017.10.31)  
[Seminar on Oct. 20] Aerosol climate effects over East Asia: Aeroso...(2017.10.28)  
[Seminar on Oct 19] Aerosol climate effects over East Asia: Aerosol...(2017.10.19)  
[Seminar on Oct 19] CO2 Radiative Forcing: Beyond a Global Mean Value(2017.10.17)  
[Seminar on Oct 13] Interactions and information transfer across ti...(2017.10.13)  
[Seminar on Sept 20] Assessing Aerosol Indirect Effects through Ice...(2017.09.15)  
What`s New
AOSL Indexed by ESCI [2017.10.20]
Clarivate.png Atmospheric and Oceanic Science Letters (AOSL), an international journal hosted by Institute of Atmospheric Physics and co-published by Taylor&Francis and Science Press, is indexed by the Emerging ...
Prof. CHEN Wen Appointed as WCRP SPARC SSG Member [2017.10.13]
WCRP.jpg Prof. CHEN Wen of IAP was appointed WCRP SPARC SSG Member on Sept 28, 2017. Prof. CHEN's 3-year office term will start on January 2018.
World's First Atmosphere Observation System Arr... [2017.09.29]
微信图片_20170929171942.jpg Atmosphere Profiling Synthetic Observation System is the world's first ground-based facility for profiling atmospheric variables and multiple constituents in the neutral atmosphere。
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