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Mid–high-latitude Circulation Anomalies Contributed to the Extremely Hot Summer in 2018 over Northeast Asia(2019.07.19)  
Volcano Eruption at Different Latitudes: a Switch of Hemispheric Monsoon Rainfall Change(2019.07.18)  
Model Development Is Crucial in Understanding Climate Change(2019.07.15)  
Super Volcanic Eruptions Interrupt Ozone Recovery(2019.07.12)  
Why Is East Asian Summer Monsoon Circulation Enhanced under Global Warming?(2019.07.05)  
[Seminar on July 25]Interactions Between Forest Insect Outbreaks an...(2019.07.15)  
[seminar on July 9] Effects of Stochastic Parametrization on Extrem...(2019.07.05)  
[Seminar on July 5] Late Antiquity hydrological changes: spatio-tem...(2019.07.04)  
[Seminar on July 11] Routes to long-term atmospheric predictability...(2019.07.01)  
[Seminar on July 2] Improving Vortex Initialization and Hurricane F...(2019.06.28)  
[Seminar on June 17] Air Quality and Health Benefits of Regulations...(2019.06.17)  
[Seminar on June 18] Multiscalar approaches for investigating and m...(2019.06.17)  
What`s New
Chinese Scientists Submit National Report to th... [2019.07.08]
special issue.jpg To prepare a progress report for the upcoming IUGG General Assembly in 2019, which happens to be centennial anniversary of IUGG, CNC-IAMAS invited some senior scientists from China to review advanc...
First China Greenhouse Gas Monitoring Symposium [2019.06.11]
group photo.jpg The First China Greenhouse Gas Monitoring Symposium was held at the Institute of Atmospheric Physics (IAP), Chinese academy of sciences (CAS) from May 30 to 31, 2019.
Seminar on Using Python in Geophysical Applicat... [2019.05.05]
W020190429585412699540.jpg Dr. Kalli Furtado from the Met Office was invited to give a seminar entitled “Using Python in Geophysical Applications”.
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