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Studying Solar Activities and Climate Change from a Multidisciplinary Perspective(2017.03.25)  
Beijing Severe Haze More Frequent under Global Warming(2017.03.21)  
IAP Scientists Conducted Intensive Sounding Measurements of Shallow Cumulus Clouds(2017.03.20)  
Is Ensemble Average Suitable for Forecast of Climate Extreme?(2017.03.15)  
Cover Story: Scientists Work to Lift the Mystery of Persistent Haze(2017.03.13)  
[27 March] Tackle Grand:Environmental Challenges though Atmospheri...(2017.03.22)  
Call for abstracts: International Workshop on the Asian Monsoon in ...(2017.03.22)  
[Seminar on 6 April] Winter Extreme Precipitation Events Along the ...(2017.03.22)  
[Seminar on 30 March] Top-down estimating the green house gases emi...(2017.03.17)  
[Seminar on 23 March] The Madden-Julian oscillation in the Super-Pa...(2017.03.15)  
[Seminar on 21 March 2017] Contribution of Tropical Cyclones to Atm...(2017.03.15)  
[Seminar on 21 Mar] Coherent Rainfall Variability in China: Pattern...(2017.03.15)  
What`s New
LASG High-resolution Atmospheric General Circul... [2017.01.18]
awarding ceremony.jpg At a recent National Supercomputer Centre in Guangzhou (NSCC-GZ) 2016 Users Group Annual meeting, high-resolution atmospheric general circulation model (GCMs) FAMIL (Finite volume Atmospheric Model...
Pave the Way for TanSat Carbon Data Processing [2016.12.27]
Tansat.png The TanSat mission is designed to retrieve the atmosphere column-averaged CO2 dry air mole fraction (XCO2) with precisions of 1% (4 ppm). “TanSat data will be used in CO2 detection and climate cha...
The 8th TEA Graduate Students Science Forum was... [2016.11.24]
graduate forum.jpg The 8th Graduate Students Science Forum of CAS key laboratory of regional climate-environment for East Asia (TEA) / START Regional Center for East Asia was held on November 16th, 2016 in Beijing.
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