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Changes of the Transitional Climate Zone in East Asia(2016.10.21)  
AAS Publishes Special Issue Research Collection on Severe Weather Research in China(2016.10.20)  
Asymmetrical Impact of AMO on Central Eurasian Winter Temperature(2016.10.20)  
IAP Finds Strengthened Relationship between the AAO and ENSO(2016.10.12)  
Scientists Identified Biases of the ENSO-the Northwest Pacific Teleconnection among CMIP5 Models(2016.10.10)  
[Job Vacancy] Postdoc Opportunity at Scripps Institution of Oceanog...(2016.10.13)  
[Oct. 14] AGU Author Workshop(2016.10.10)  
[Seminar on 30 Sept.] Jet Streams, Vortices, and the Antarctic Ozon...(2016.09.27)  
[Seminar on 21 Sept.] Clouds after Paris: Why we must and how we ca...(2016.09.18)  
[Seminoar on 19 Sept.] Climate Feedbacks by Tropical Low Clouds: co...(2016.09.02)  
[Seminar on 7 Sept.] Understanding Black Carbon (BC) Atmospheric Ag...(2016.09.02)  
[Seminar on 12 Sept]How to get published – Nature Climate Change a...(2016.09.02)  
What`s New
AGU Author Workshop [2016.10.19]
未命名.png American Geophysical Union (AGU) held an Author Workshop at IAP on 14 October 2016. The AGU delegation includes Frank Krause (Chief Operating Officer of AGU), Brooks Hanson (Director Publications, ...
Storm Observation Field Campaigns Serve Early-W... [2016.10.18]
lightning.jpg Four-month observation campaigns organized by Storm973 Project "Dynamic-microphysical-electrical processes in severe thunderstorms and lightning hazards" were wrapped up in early October 2016 in Be...
Dr. YUAN Naiming Won the "WMO Professor Mariolo... [2016.10.14]
Mariolopoulos.jpg Recently, Dr. YUAN Naiming Yuan, the New Hundred Talent Program C Candidate working at IAP, has been awarded the "WMO Professor Mariolopoulos Trust Fund Award".
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