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CAS PIFI Professorship awardee visited IAP(2015.06.08)  
International cooperation on Himalayas research(2015.06.02)  
Prepare for AOGS2016(2015.05.25)  
Prof. Hans von Storch visited IAP/LASG and CNC-FE(2015.05.11)  
Prof. Klaus Fraedrich visited IAP(2015.05.07)  
[Seminar on 25 June]The U.S. National Flood Interoperability Experi...(2015.06.24)  
[Seminar on 25 June]An Operational Radar-based Flood Alert System f...(2015.06.24)  
Postdoctoral research associate position in satellite data assimila...(2015.06.20)  
Advances in Atmospheric Sciences Volume 32 Issue 8 is now available...(2015.06.10)  
[Seminar on 18 June] How to Write and Publish Papers in High-impact...(2015.06.09)  
[Seminar on 15 July] Impact of solar panels on global climate(2015.06.01)  
[Seminar on 3 June] Elemental composition of organic aerosol: The r...(2015.06.01)  
What Factors Were Responsible for the Weaker-th... [2015.06.22]
mao.png It's found that the occurrence of a strong El Ni?o event depends on two factors: strong preceding instability of ocean-atmosphere system in tropical Pacific and strong westerly wind events (WWEs) ...
The Developing Phase of Intraseasonal Oscillati... [2015.06.20]
huangping.jpg The developing phase from inactive phase to active phase of the boreal summer ISO is found to be the most important mechanism to trigger the SCSSM onset.
Quasi-Biweekly Oscillation over the Tibetan Pla... [2015.06.18]
TP1.jpg The analysis on the boreal summer intraseasonal oscillation over the Tibetan Plateau shows that the dominant intraseasonal signal was the quasi-biweekly oscillation, which could be detected in circ...
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