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Warm-sector Heavy Rainfall in China: Studies and Challenges(2019.12.04)  
Pollution over Polar Regions: Where Is It from?(2019.11.26)  
Half a Degree Less Warming Can Significantly Reduce Climate Extremes in Central Asia(2019.11.20)  
Amplified Warming over Europe–West Asia and Northeast Asia Has a Common Dynamical Origin(2019.11.18)  
Satellite and Reanalysis Data Can Substitute Field Observations over Asian Water Tower(2019.11.11)  
LASG Newsletter (Nov 2019)(2019.11.18)  
[Seminar on Nov 18] Impacts of climate change in the Arctic Ocean(2019.11.18)  
[Seminar on Nov 19] Atmospheric Research from past to future- Perso...(2019.11.13)  
[Seminar on Nov 18] What's Wrong with Errors?(2019.11.13)  
[Seminar on Oct 21] Future heatwaves in a 2oC world: their uncertai...(2019.10.17)  
[Seminar on Oct 19] Predictability of Extreme Climate Events via a ...(2019.10.17)  
APN Project (CRRP-04MY-ALI) Inception/Training Workshop (Oct 21-23,...(2019.10.17)  
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Kyrgyzstan Hydrometeorology Agency Chief Specia... [2019.11.29]
W020191127590230506533.jpg On November 26, 2019, Dr. Isaev E.K., Chief Specialist from Agency of Hydrometeorology under the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Kyrgyz Republic.
Extreme Rainfall Increase in Land Monsoon Regio... [2019.11.05]
Typhoon Haiyan hits south China's Hainan.jpg Global land monsoon regions witnessed significant increases in extreme precipitation over the past century, which was closely related to global warming, according to a study paper on the Journal of...
1st International Workshop on Global Monsoons M... [2019.11.05]
poster.jpg The 1st International Workshop on Global Monsoons Model Intercomparison Project (GMMIP) was held in Beijing over 28-30 October, 2019.
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