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China and UK Scientists Find Coarse Resolution Models Underestimate Future Mei-yu Rainfall(2018.08.16)  
Volcano Eruptions at Different Latitudes Impact Sea Surface Temperature Differently(2018.08.16)  
Impact of Global Oceanic Warming on Winter Eurasian Climate(2018.08.13)  
Multimodel Ensemble Prediction of Summer Droughts over the Yellow River Basin(2018.08.13)  
A Land Model with Groundwater Lateral Flow, Water Use, and Soil Freeze-thaw Front Dynamics(2018.08.10)  
[Seminar on Aug 20] Causes of precipitation changes in Central Asia...(2018.08.16)  
[Seminar on Aug 17] Multiphysics Finite Element Methods for a Dynam...(2018.08.09)  
[seminar on Aug 2] A view toward the future of the hydrologic scien...(2018.07.31)  
Second Announcement: Workshop of Applied Mathematics and Computatio...(2018.07.31)  
[Seminar on Aug 7] Is the El Nino coming again at the end of 2018? ...(2018.07.27)  
"IAP 90th Anniversary Cup" Weather Photography Competition(2018.07.23)  
[Seminar on July 10] Research and development of GSI based ensemble...(2018.07.09)  
What`s New
2018 LASG Summer School on Climate System Model... [2018.07.27]
W020180719363376313096.jpg 2018 LASG summer school on climate system model development and application was held from July 12-16, 2018 in Beijing.
QIE Xiushu Elected the President of the Interna... [2018.07.04]
xiushu qie.jpg During the 16th International Conference on Atmospheric Electricity in Nara, Japan, 17-22 June 2018, Prof. QIE Xiushu, from Institute of Atmospheric Physics, was elected the new president of the In...
The 13th International Conferences on Atmospher... [2018.06.07]
QQ图片20180607163853.jpg The 13th International Conference on Atmospheric Physics, Climate and Environment, also in celebration of the 100th Anniversary of AM Obukhov, founder of the Russian Institute of Atmospheric Physic...
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