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Prepare for AOGS2016(2015.05.25)  
Prof. Hans von Storch visited IAP/LASG and CNC-FE(2015.05.11)  
Prof. Klaus Fraedrich visited IAP(2015.05.07)  
2014 Annual Meeting of CNC-FE was held in Beijing, China(2015.05.07)  
Prof. LU Riyu was awarded Minister Prize by Korean Ministry of Environment(2015.04.23)  
[Seminar on 3 June] Monitoring near-surface temperatures: Compariso...(2015.05.28)  
[Seminar on 28 May] Wildfire and climate variability: Role of windf...(2015.05.26)  
[Seminar on 1 June] UTLS transport associated with the Asian monsoo...(2015.05.26)  
Atmospheric and Oceanic Science Letters Vol.8 No.3 is now available...(2015.05.20)  
[Seminar on 20 May] Responding to Climate Change: Is Climate Engine...(2015.05.19)  
[Seminar on 22 May] History of Global Temperature Estimation – Koe...(2015.05.19)  
[Seminar on 19 May] Multiple isotopes to understand atmospheric che...(2015.05.19)  
Does the microwave remote sensing of soil moist... [2015.05.28]
yuan1.jpg It' found that due to the inhomogeneous meteorological forcings of the soil moisture reanalysis that was used to merge the satellite soil moisture retrievals, the ESA CCI merged product was worse t...
Decadal Variation of Summer Precipitation over ... [2015.05.25]
fan1.jpg Summer precipitation anomalies can lead to drought and flooding which have significant influence on society and economy of China so it's important to understand the decadal variation of summer prec...
Correct the Biased Incident Solar Radiation in ... [2015.05.22]
Zhou1.jpg A revised algorithm in the CESM was applied in the CESM. It could correct the bias from both spatial and temporal sampling errors and guarantee energy conservation.
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