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Kick-off Meeting of the Academic Divisions of CAS (CASAD) Consultation Project on Sustainable Development(2014.10.31)  
The 1st Congress of China Geodesy and Geophysics (CCGG) was held in Beijing, China(2014.10.28)  
2014 National Doctoral Academic Forum on Atmospheric Sciences and the 14th Youth Cross-Strait Academic Seminar(2014.10.27)  
CSSP China first science meeting opens in Beijing(2014.10.23)  
China launched a ten-year project to study the global climate impact of the Tibetan Plateau(2014.10.06)  
Dr. SUN Zhuling won the Yong Scientist Award of "32nd International...(2014.10.30)  
[Seminar on 3 Nov.]A new opportunity of investigating aerosol-land ...(2014.10.29)  
[Seminar on 23 Oct.]The LIDORT models: Linearized discrete ordinate...(2014.10.22)  
[Seminar on 15 Oct.] Spectral radiative kernel and the spectral dim...(2014.10.14)  
[Seminar on 27 Oct.] Detection and attribution of climate change fo...(2014.10.08)  
[Seminar on 16 Oct.] High resolution climate modelling using High P...(2014.10.08)  
[Seminar on 9 Oct.] Heaving modes in the world oceans&its role in c...(2014.10.06)  
A new approach to improve the Asian–Pacific Os... [2014.10.30]
huang.png IAP scientists used the interannual increment approach to improve the APO prediction (Figure 1). Treating the year-to-year increment of a variable as the predictand, the interannual increment appro...
Historical trends in surface air temperature es... [2014.10.29]
1.jpg This study assesses the historical SAT trends estimated by Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition and Least Squares Linear Fitting during different periods.
IAP scientists revealed the impacts of modified... [2014.10.28]
xie_fig1.jpg Scientists from Institute of Atmospheric Physics (IAP) implemented the modified form of the Richards equation with its new lower flux boundary condition as developed by Zeng and Decker (2009) in th...
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