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2016 AAS Editor's Award

The Editor’s Award of Advances in Atmospheric Sciences (AAS) is given to an individual who has contributed a reviewer’s report of outstanding merit on a manuscript submitted for publication in Advances in Atmospheric Sciences(AAS). The quality of AAS depends essentially upon reviewers’ voluntary and painstaking efforts. Nominations are considered by the editors and editorial office, which make recommendations for final approval by the Editors-in-Chief.

2016 AAS Editor's Award winners are:



Bergman, John 


For an insightful and constructive review. 

Bonin, Timothy 

For being one of the best reviewers in the field of boundary layer meteorology, thanks to his thorough and instrumental comments to improve the quality of the manuscripts he reviews.  

Chiswell, Stephen 

For prompt and constructive reviews of manuscripts. 

Gao, Jidong 


For insightful and detailed comments that have contributed to significant improvements of multiple manuscripts. 

Kennedy, Aaron 

For multiple, timely, and thorough reviews that improved manuscripts. 

Park, Mijeong 

For a lengthy and detailed review of a manuscript. 

Qian, Weihong 

For his comprehensive and timely reviews that provided valuable insights with unusual precision and thoughtfulness. 

Wu, Renguang 

For multiple and timely reviews that greatly improved manuscripts. 

Xu, Kuan-Man 

For a critical but insightful and constructive review, which is essential for maintaining AAS at a high-quality level. 

Yu, Kosaka 


For relevant, fruitful and constructive comments that greatly helped authors to enhance the quality of paper. 

Congratulations to the 2016 AAS Editor's Award winners! AAS would like to thank its editors for nominating peers who are so deserving of this award.

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