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High-level international cooperation and exchanges and comprehensive internationalization are the essential conditions for building up a top international institute, and are what IAP has been attaching great importance to over the years. In recent five years, IAP  has signed a total of 17 cooperation agreements with foreign scientific institutions, and carried out more than 40 major international cooperation projects (14 External Cooperation Programs of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), 7 Key International Programs of the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), and 14 International Cooperation  and Exchange Programs of National Natural Science Foundation of China NSFC)); The total fund for international projects in 2012 is about 2.6 times that in 2008. A total of 1727 persons have paid visits to foreign countries over the five years, with an average of 345 persons going abroad every year. There are a total of 2479 incoming visitors, with an average of 496 visitors every year. The total number of persons who hold key positions in important international organizations is 58, which is markedly increasing. The number of invited talks made at international conferences in 2012 is three times that in 2008. In addition, IAP has co-cultivated a large number of outstanding young talented persons in S&T.    

Strengthening the implementation of international cooperative research projects and research programs is one of the very important means in the internationalization progress. IAP has carried out a number of international cooperation projects with America, Japan, Thailand, South Korea, Germany, Great Britain, Norway, France, Belgium and other countries. These projects include CAS External Cooperation Programs, MOST Key international Programs, NSFC International Cooperation and Exchange Programs, EU projects, GEF projects, and CAS-DOE cooperative research projects for climate change. IAP has also proposed and participated in relevant major international research programs (MARIS, RMIP, DMIP, MICS- Asia II, and AMY, etc.. The cooperation in these projects has greatly increased the Institute's international status, and facilitated the scientific research development. Meanwhile, new international cooperation projects and programs are being explored.  

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