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Call for papers to AAS Special Issue on Cloud (Deadline: 15 March 2017)


Advances in Atmospheric Sciences

Special Issue:

Aerosols, Clouds, Radiation, Precipitation, and Their Interactions


Call for papers


Lead Editor:

Xiquan Dong (University of North Dakota, USA),

Guest Editors:

Christine Chiu (University of Reading, UK),

Jiwen Fan (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA),

Yangang Liu (Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA),

Teruyuki Nakajima (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, Japan),

Byung-Ju Sohn (Seoul National University, Korea),

Huiwen Xue (Peking University, China),

Chuanfeng Zhao (Beijing Normal University, China),              



The treatment of aerosols, clouds, radiation and precipitation in climate models and their interactions and associated feedbacks have long been one of the largest sources of uncertainty in predicting any potential future climate changes. Although many improvements have been made in Phase 5 of the CMIP5, aerosols, clouds, precipitation, and their feedbacks are still a problem in climate models as concluded in the IPCC AR5 (2013). Many studies have shown that modeled aerosol, clouds, radiation, and precipitation, agree with observations within a certain range on a global scale, however, large biases occur at the regional scale. Characterizing the effects of aerosols and clouds on the energy and hydrological cycle and understanding the interactions of aerosols, clouds, and precipitation are critical for weather forecast and climate models. Significant improvements are needed, which requires advanced observations and modelings in a range of spatial and temporal scales.

This special issue solicits observational and modeling studies on aerosols, clouds, precipitation, radiation, and their interactions. Presentations using an integrated analysis of observations (long-term surface and satellite observations, as well as aircraft in situ measurements), and modeling efforts (CRM/SCM/GCM/NWP), that address the interactions among these processes and the climate feedbacks through the effects of aerosols and clouds on radiation and precipitation, are particularly encouraged.


Important dates:

Submission open: 15 November, 2016
Submission deadline: 15 March, 2017
Estimated publication: Fall 2017

Submission URL:

Please select: “Special issue: Cloud” when you come to “Submission Type”.

For more about Advances in Atmospheric Sciences, please visit .

Do feel free to contact us on if you have any queries regarding the special issue.

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