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AAS 2018 Esteemed Paper Prize and Editor's Award

Advances in Atmospheric Sciences (AAS) is pleased to announce its 2018 Esteemed Paper Prize to the papers published in 2016 in AAS for their exceptional contribution to the development of the journal. These papers were selected based on their download statistics from SpringerLink and their ISI citations. Enjoy, read and spread the word! 

2018 AAS Esteemed Review Paper Prize

 Indo-western Pacific ocean capacitor and coherent climate anomalies in post-ENSO summer: A review

Shang-Ping Xie*, Yu Kosaka, Yan Du, Kaiming Hu, Jasti S. Chowdary, Gang Huang


The reliability of global and hemispheric surface temperature records

Philip Jones*


2018 Esteemed Original Paper Prize


Distinctive precursory air–sea signals between regular and super El Niños

Lin Chen, Tim Li*, Swadhin K. Behera, Takeshi Doi


Abrupt summer warming and changes in temperature extremes over Northeast Asia since the mid-1990s: Drivers and physical processes

Buwen Dong*, Rowan T. Sutton, Wei Chen, Xiaodong Liu, Riyu Lu, Ying Sun


2018 Esteemed News&Views Prize


Recent significant tornadoes in China

Ming Xue, Kun Zhao, Mingjung Wang, Zhaohui Li, Yongguang Zheng  


(*Corresponding author)


The Editor’s Award is given to an individual who has contributed a reviewer’s report of outstanding merit on a manuscript submitted for publication in Advances in Atmospheric Sciences(AAS). The quality of AAS depends essentially upon reviewers’ voluntary and painstaking efforts. Nominations are considered by the editors and editorial office, which make recommendations for final approval by the Editors-in-Chief. 

The following reviewers are to be presented with a 2018 AAS Editor's Award:




Exarchou, Eleftheria (Spain)

For providing a very insightful and detailed review

Hayashi, Masahiko (Japan)

For careful, specific, and insightful reviews that were very helpful in editorial decisions.

Jung, Youngsun (USA )

For multiple, detailed, insightful reviews that improved manuscripts. 

Sarangi, Chandan (USA)

For his very timely and thoughtful review and very constructive comments that greatly improved the quality of the article he reviewed.

Schwartz, Craig (USA,)

For a very thoughtful review and very constructive and detailed comments that greatly improved the quality of the article he reviewed.

Screen, James (UK )

For providing extensive, detailed and constructive comments on original and revised versions that led to substantial improvements of manuscripts.

Stein, Thorwald (UK)

For thoughtful, precise, and timely reviews.

SU, Xiang (China)

For  timely and constructive reviews of multiple manuscripts.

Uotila, Petteri (Finland)

For multiple and timely reviews helping to maintain AAS’ high standards.

Yasunaga, Kazuaki (Japan)

For highly constructive, relevant, thorough, and timely reviews that significantly improved the quality of the submitted manuscripts.

AAS would also like to thank the following two editors for organizing high-impact special issues published in 2018:


Xiangdong Zhang, University of Alaska Fairbanks, USAFor organizing Special issue “Towards improving understanding and prediction of Arctic change and its linkage with Eurasian mid-latitude weather and climate”


Xiquan Dong, University of North Dakota, USAFor organizing Special Issue “Aerosols, Clouds, Radiation, Precipitation, and Their Interactions”


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