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[Seminar on May 24] The role of boundary layer dynamics in tropical cyclone intensification

Prof. Yuqing WANG

University of Hawaii, USA

Room 303, Keyan Building, IAP

15:00, May 24, 2018



Yuqing WANG, Professor of the International Pacific Research Center and Department of Atmospheric Sciences (before July 2014, Department of Meteorology), School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology, University of Hawaii.

Research Interests

?Atmospheric dynamics and physics, including planetary boundary layer processes; cumulus convection, cloud microphysics, radiation, land surface processes; ?Tropical meteorology, including tropical cyclones, equatorial waves, intraseasonal oscillation, monsoon, and ENSO; ?Atmosphere-land-ocean interactions, physical processes and linkage with atmospheric dynamics; ?Regional and global climate modeling and climate process studies, such as cloud-radiation forcing, large-scale topographic forcing in climate system; ?Development of high-resolution atmospheric models and coupled ocean-atmosphere models.


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