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2012 Academic Committee Meeting of LASG

On the afternoon of December 24th, 2012 annual academic committee meeting of State Key Laboratory of Numerical Modeling for Atmospheric Sciences and Geophysical Fluid Dynamics (LASG), Institute of Atmospheric Physics (IAP), Chinese Academy of Sciences was held in the research building of IAP, Rm 101.

The meeting was to hearing and deliberating the scientific research and management work and open subjects performed by LASG in 2012. In order to stimulate LASG’s development, future research work that needs to be strengthened and how to optimize research teams before the evaluation were also discussed.

 The meeting was hosted by academician Chongyin Li, director of LASG academic committee. On behalf of LASG’s leading group, director Riyu Lu first gave academic committee a report on “work summary of LASG in 2012 and key emphasis in future work”. He reported LASG scientific research and management work and proposed the prospect of future work in 2013, which centered on research progress and highlights of the four priority research areas, project application, building of talent teams, international organizations appointment, etc. Afterwards, academic secretary of LASG academic committee Wansuo Duan informed committee members about the revision of “management system of LASG’s open subjects”, open subjects implementation in 2012 and its application in 2013.

 At the conclusion of its deliberations, academic committee agreed that LASG has made a remarkable progress in the scientific research and laboratory management and open subjects throughout the year. They particularly valued the results have been obtained in aspects of cultivation of innovative talents and establishment of “NSCC-LASG climate simulation joint laboratory” with National Supercomputing Center of Tianjin to alleviate computation and storage stress for the climate simulation. In the meantime, committee members propounded comprehensive and concrete suggestions in how to make an important achievement of integration, how to make prospective research contribution and possess a global outlook. On account of the evaluation, committee members conducted discussion and provided constructive opinion for the future development.

Attendees includes academic committee and advisory committee members, they are Jiping Chao, Jifan Chou, Ronghui Huang, Guoxiong Wu, Chongyin Li, Guangyu Shi, Rucong Yu, Zhaobo Sun, Yongfu Qian, Jinhai He, Yongjiu Dai, Wenjie Dong, Yongyun Hu, Weijing Li, Zechun Li, Rehe Zhang, Baohua Ren, Fan Wang, Ziniu Xiao, Xuehong Zhang, Huijun Wang, Bin Wang, Riyu Lu. In addition, Xiaobo Ren, head of the Atmosphere in Marine Science, Bureau of Science and Technology for Resource and Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences was presented at the meeting and put forward the flexible opinions on LASG management. The deputy director Jianping Li, Tianjun Zhou, Zhenghui Xie, Zhenhai Guo, academic secretary Wansuo Duan and other LASG members attended meeting as well.




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the scene of meeting

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