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2012 AAS annual editorial board meeting

2012 Advances in Atmospheric Sciences (AAS) annual editorial board meeting was held on 7 Jan 2013 in Institute of Atmospheric Physics. The meeting aims at reviewing the performance of AAS in 2012 and identifying approaches to improve the quality of journal and raise its international profile. 

Dr./Academician Daren Lu, co Editors-in-Chief (EiC), chaired the meeting. Three co-EiCs, Dr. Daren Lu, Prof. Huijun WANG and Dr. Song YANG thanked the edits of editorial board 2010-2012 and welcome new editors on board. Dr. LU emphasized the importance of engaging high quality papers and considered it a fundamental approach to improve the journal. Dr. WANG hoped that AAS can continue to focus on introducing top-ranking research results in China to the international community, and in the meantime attract good review papers from the international community. He also suggested the AAS learning from Chinese Science Bulletin website and improving the AAS website, e.g., expand information on AAS website homepage to include briefing of current issues, and most read papers. Song YANG will no more hold the position of EiC, due to change of work location but he will continue to support AAS in various ways, in particular, the internationalization of the editorial board. The new oversea EiC will be Prof. Ming XUE, from University of Oklahoma.

The executive EiC Ms. ZHOU Ling gave an editorial office report. The impact factor of the AAS in 2011 is 0.985, slightly higher than it was in 2010. ZHOU Ling pointed out that international submission is increasing slowly but the quality is not satisfactory. Large number of low quality submission is an urgent issue to the AAS.

The editorial board then discussed and proposed feasible approaches to solve the problem, including stricter reviewing process, inviting high-quality review papers, limiting length of submission, promoting AAS in major international conferences, and awarding good papers and reviewers, among others.

The editorial board agreed that the AAS is developing steadily over the years and it's expected that with these approaches AAS can achieve breakthrough in the next 3-5 years and become an international first-ranking journal.


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