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University of Sussex Student Delegation Visited IAP

On April 7 2017, students’ delegation from University of Sussex (US), UK visited Institute of Atmospheric Physics (IAP), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). Organized by the Department of Geography of US, the delegation consists of 3 supervisors led by Dr. WANG Yi and 30 undergraduate students. As a part of the annual China field class, the visit aims to facilitate mutual collaborations in teaching and research between US and IAP. 

The visit started with a workshop between LASG and UK students. Dr. ZHANG Lixia and Dr. WANG Yico-chaired the workshop. On behalf of Assistant Director-General of IAP and Deputy Director of LASG Prof. ZHOU Tianjun, Dr. ZHANG extended warm welcome to the visitors. She then gave an overview introduction of IAP and LASG, highlighting the climate research, model development and international cooperation. Dr. WANG presented the teaching and research programs and the Department of Geography of US. LASG students representative ZHANG Wenxia and WANG Chenqi gave talks entitled “Trouble with freshwater supply in the future” and “Climate Change-Our planet has a problem” respectively, which aroused great interest among participants. In the following discussion, students from both sides interacted actively and exchanged views on various topics from climate research, water resources to projected fresh water changes over North East China.  

After the workshop, the delegates visited LAPC. Deputy Director of LAPC Prof. SUN Yele introduced in details the 325-meter high meteorological observation tower and the pollutant sampling instrument and their significant role in studying air pollution in Beijing and in the atmospheric boundary layer research. He also showed the visitors around the high-resolution flight time aerosol mass spectrometer (AMS) and LiDAR. Ms. HOU Shengjie introduced LAPC Atmospheric Environmental Analysis Laboratory and analytic instruments including the stable isotope mass spectrometer.  

University of Sussex (US) is a leading research university in UK. This is the second time that IAP hosted University of Sussex students’ delegation. “US has extensive links with institutions worldwide. China field class is becoming a regular activity of our department. Although our visit is brief, the extensive exchange of information about various aspects of climate research and meteorological observation facilities of IAP is impressive as ever” commented Dr. WANG. Last year 12 students visited IAP and this year the number increased to 30, making the trip another success. 

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