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More New Data Are Expected from Old Meteorological Observation Stations in Tajikistan with CAS support

Two meteorological observation stations of more than 100-year history in Tajikistan will be expected to provide more backbone data to climate change studies, reported by scientists from Institute of Atmospheric Physics and Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography when their one-week 1200-km field trip was wrapped up on 8 July, 2017. CAS scientists also selected another site for radiosonde detection.

During the field trip, CAS scientists had extensive exchanges with scientists from Tajikistan Academy of Science. Supported by CAS “The Belt and Road Initiatives” Program on Climate Change Research and Observation, the cooperation between scientists of two countries will result in observations of more variables to support climate studies.



The map on the wall shows Central Asian Ecosystems Field Observation and Research Network, established by Chinese Academy of Sciences and Tajikistan Academy of Science. (Image by IAP)

 The senior Tajikistan Botanist has been working in the station for more than 40 years. Afforestation for water and soil conservation in this area started 20 years ago. (Image by IAP)


Dendrochronology is the study of climate change as recorded by tree rings.(Image by IAP)


Historical climate data (Image by IAP)


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