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LASG FGOALS-f 2.0 Tropical Cyclones Forecasting System Wins 2017 TIANHE Star Award for Excellence Application

At National Supercomputer Centre in Guangzhou (NSCC-GZ) 2017 Users Group annual meeting held recently in Guangzhou, simulation and seasonal forecasting system of global tropical cyclone activities based on LASG FGOALS-f 2.0 climate system model (Contributors: LI Jinxiao, WU Xiaofei, WANG Lei, HE Bian, WANG Xiaocong, BAO Qing, LIU Yimin, and WU Guoxiong) won “2017 TIANHE Star Award for Excellence Application”. In 2017 more than 2500 institutions and teams deployed their applications in TIANHE-2 platform, and over 100 teams participated in Top-20 application award competition. LASG FGOALS-f 2.0 Tropical Cyclones Forecasting System is one of the three winners in meteorological field with high-resolution model. The other two teams are SUN YAT-SEN UNIVERSITY team led by Prof. DONG Wenjie with multi-scale simulation earth system model nesting China Sea-the coast of South China region and Guangzhou Meteorological Service team led by Dr. HU Dongming with Grapses. It is the second time that LASG model team had won such a prize.

Tropical cyclone (TC) as one of the most representative phenomena in synoptical scale is accompanied by warm cores, extreme rainfall and strong wind speed. Although formed on tropical oceans, TC causes huge damage to economy and human life when making landfall and hitting cities.

LASG FGOALS-f 2.0 Tropical Cyclones Forecasting System with proprietary intellectual property rights can simulate and hindcast the genesis locations, tracks, numbers, inter-annual variability of a typhoon reasonably. From 20 May 2017, the real-time forecasting of TC in Western Pacific were designed for operational service, and forecast products were provided for Beijing Climate Center, National Marine and Environmental Forecasting Center and other administrations.

On August 23 2017, typhoon “HATO” landed in Zhuhai City. Its instantaneous maximum wind speed reached over 51.0 meters per second and resulted in significant economic loss.  This real-time forecasting system of TC successfully did 4-day lead forecast of HATO (generated on 22 August) for its genesis location and track.

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