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Center for Climate Disaster and Prediction Research (DCRP)


  1. Performing observational diagnoses and modeling studies of climate systems, based on the fundamental theories of mathematics and physics
  2. Training high-level atmospheric scientists
  3. Providing helpful information for policy-makers


  1. Presented a mechanism on ENSO-East Asian monsoon-warm pool interactions. ENSO is exactly the cycle of SOTA in the tropical Pacific driven by zonal wind anomalies over the equatorial center-western Pacific, which mainly results from anomalous East-Asian winter monsoon (Li, 2000; Huang et al., 2001).
  2. The Indian Ocean temperature dipole has important impacts on Asian monsoon system, including the southwestern monsoon, South Asian high and western Pacific subtropical high, etc.
  3. Revealed some atmospheric models and teleconnection patterns and their impacts on the East Asian summer monsoon; Defined the East Asian monsoon index and suggested the essence of monsoon; Proposed a conceptual model for occurrences of droughts and floods in China and submitted the prediction products to decision-makers for reference.

Director: Prof. Zhang Qingyun
Director of Scientific Committee: Prof. Tao Shiyan
Tel: +86-10-82995093


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