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Laboratory of Cloud-Precipitation Physics and Severe Storms (LACS)


Brief Introduction

LACS has been newly established on the basis of the original Medium and Small Scale Systems and Calamity Research Department. The new laboratory focuses on the observation of strong storms and medium and small scale systems. Primary research includes the following: the analysis of motive force theory and prediction with diagnosis; study and prediction of medium and small scale weather systems, numerical prediction model development, data assimilation and use, cloud precipitation physics and weather modification theory, methods, and application. With the goals of sustaining the development of the national economy and improving disaster prevention and reduction with short-term pre-warning, prediction, and artificial weather modification, LACS proposes scientific theories, develops new methods, and solves key problems. LACS has undertaken one National Science and Technology Project for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, two key items of the National Natural Science Foundation, and multiple such scientific research projects as originator and director of two CAS projects. LACS and NOAA’s National Severe Storms Laboratory, the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), and the U.K.’s Dundee University all have rotating fluid laboratories, etc., and have promoted international cooperative research. A project entitled the “Theory of large and medium scale wave flow interaction” received the second CAS prize for Natural Sciences in 2000.

Main research fields

  • Theory and method of cloud-precipitation physics and weather modification;
  • Observation, dynamically theoretical and diagnostic analysis, and forecast of severe storms and meso- and micro-scale disastrous weather systems;
  • Development of meso- and micro-scale numerical models, data assimilation, and their applications, aiming at solving their key scientific problems.
Main research areas
  • Studying the mechanism of formation, and the law of occurring, development, movement and evolution of all
  • Developing the theory, method, technique of their forecast, prediction, reduction, and artificial modification
  • Studying on the theory and method of cloud and precipitation physics and weather modification, including the dynamics and physics of cloud and precipitation formation; the field observation, in-home experiment, and modeling simulation of cloud and precipitation and their modification; and the theory and method of cloud parameterization

Director: LEI HengChi
Tel: +86-10-82995308


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