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Infrastructure and technical support

Director: Dr. Zhou Guangqing


Other staff: Mr. Ma Xiaoguang, Mr. Zhou Hong, Ms. Chen Lifang,

Ms. Wang Fengxia

Tel: +86-10-82995185




Management and Maintenance of the computer systems, networks, data, and software technical support

Computing Resources

Four IBM-P690s,

Legend 1800 cluster

SGI Origin 2000 with 20 CPUs

Two SGI Origin 3400 with 16 CPUs

SGI Origin 300 server

With these systems, the computation ability in IAP has been obviously enhanced for research in climate system models, numerical simulations, and weather and climate predictions, etc.

Data Information System


The data bank provides the atmosphere, ocean, land surface and other related data. The amount of data is about 1.5 TB in which 1 TB data can be accessed online. Some real time data are also downloaded every day through the internet and satellite data receiver.

High-powered numerical server, IBM-P690s, which totally contain 128 CPUs, 192 GB of memory, 1TB of hard disk storage, and have a peak calculation speed of 600GFlops. Legend 1800 cluster


It has a peak calculation speed of 1TFlops with 256 CPUs and 256GB memory.


IAP has strengthened the construction of Public Technical Service Center in order to give full play to the role of large-scale instruments and equipment and give more support to the “One-Three-Five” Strategic Planning. The center is equipped with the supercomputing and information technology platform and the boundary-layer atmospheric observation platform, is concurrently in charge of some open and shared professional observational and experimental equipment, and provides technical support and services for the scientific research. At present, the center has 15 persons responsible for technical support and management, is concurrently in charge of 8 equipment operators, and implements the classified management appraisal. The center has 22 sets of large-scale instruments and equipment which are open to and shared by the research personnel inside and outside CAS, effectively supporting relevant research in varied disciplines of the earth system science. Specifically, the SGI F4200 high-performance computing cluster system has joined the supercomputing environment of CAS, and is opened to and shared by researchers inside and outside CAS as the "analog computation center for earth system".  

The public network of IAP has covered each department, including Northern Suburb Park, Big Tower Branch, Zhongguancun Branch, and realized the 1000M interconnection with CASNET, with an Internet bandwidth of 200M. Wireless network has covered Northern Suburb Park and Big Tower Branch. The basic capacity of a mailbox is 3GB, the network hard disk is 2GB and the file transfer station is 2GB. A single mail can support an attachment of 50MB. The network services are provided 24 hours a day, which ensures the security and stability of network access.  

The common data base of IAP (ftp: // a total of more than 160 sets of air-land-sea routine data concerning global reanalysis, observation analysis, station observation, observation integration, and satellite observation, and covering six major categories, i.e. atmosphere, ocean, sea-air, precipitation, and land. The total data has exceeded 13T. The database has become a very comprehensive database in atmospheric science in China, and is the only atmospheric science database that requires no registration and provides direct and free downloading services. Meanwhile, IAP has built up the comprehensive platform for data sharing and application. This platform integrates data search, positioning, aggregation, downloading and remote invocation, has such functions as registration, issuance, classification and sharing of data and works, and can provide the 2D graphic display and secondary analysis of data. Over the past years, the database resource and application platform has been widely used by IAP and a number of associate organizations, such as Nanjing University, China Meteorological Bureau, Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology, Chinese Marine University, and Sun Yat-Sen University.  


Construction of technical platform

In order to meet the development needs of atmospheric science and the major strategic needs of the State, IAP has, based on the existing infrastructure conditions, equipment and resources and according to the “One-Three-Five” Strategic Planning  objectives of IAP, made reasonable deployment in reconstructing corresponding infrastructures and purchasing instruments and equipment, and improved the scientific research and experiment environment with the help of special fund for repair and purchase, special fund for national key laboratory instruments and equipment, and by means of the IAP self-raised fund. It puts stress on the construction of the technical support system for atmospheric science which is mainly made up of the numerical simulation platform for earth system, mobile or fixed atmospheric sounding and experiment platform, atmospheric chemical analysis and test platform, and comprehensive observation platform for field stations, provides important technical support and infrastructure for the research in atmospheric science, and provides the global or regional atmospheric and environmental basic data and experiment platforms for the sustainable development and environmental diplomacy of China.  

Numerical simulation platform for earth system: It built up the advanced "numerical simulation platform for earth climate system" by purchasing and upgrading the existing high-performance computers and equipment. The representative high-performance computing devices include SGI-F4200, HP460 high-performance computer cluster system, SGI-IS4500, Tongyou 720, Tongyou 520 disk arrays etc., with the total computing power exceeding 64 trillion times per second, and with the disk capacity of up to 600T.  

Atmospheric sounding and experiment platform: The "medium-to-high-level atmospheric optical remote sensing mobile platform", "mobile atmospheric vertical structure observation system" and "lightning comprehensive detection and experiment system" have been built up, the "325-meter atmospheric observation tower system" has been upgraded and reconstructed. Subsequent efforts will be made to construct and perfect the "cloud precipitation physics and strong storm comprehensive detection platform", "troposphere-stratosphere ozone detection system", " light-electricity remote sensing platform for medium-to-high-level atmospheric discharge", "thermal power detection system for lower atmosphere", "satellite remote sensing and verification platform", "onboard cloud microphysics measurement system platform", and "air-land flux observation system for non-uniform underlying surface", so as to develop the relatively complete atmospheric and environmental detection capabilities.  

Atmospheric chemical analysis and test platform: Such equipment as stable isotope ratio mass spectrometer, gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer, nitrous acid analyzer, and greenhouse gas analyzer has been purchased for the construction of the "atmospheric photochemistry smoke detection platform" and "isotopic tracing monitoring platform for greenhouse gases and volatile organic compounds", so as to support the research in the atmospheric chemistry, air pollution and other fields.  

Comprehensive observation platform for field stations: Support has been given in various channels for the construction and operation maintenance of the field observation stations and the atmospheric observation platform of the CERN field observation network. The major stations constructed by IAP include Hebei Xianghe Station, Hebei Xionglong Station, Jilin Tongyu Station, Anhui Huainan Station, Gansu Dunhuang Station, as well as CERN atmospheric observation platform. The observation platforms of these stations have updated their instruments and equipment, accumulated various precious observation data on meteorological elements, had their infrastructure improved continuously, and provided strong support to the “One-Three-Five” Strategic Planning construction of the Institute.  

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