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Research Express
New Understanding of the Climatic Change of Relative Humidity i... 2020-04-18
A New Method for Correcting Systematic Errors in Ocean Subsurfa... 2020-04-07
The Arctic May Influence Eurasian Extreme Weather Events in Jus... 2020-04-02
Scientists Find a Fluctuating Rising Trend of Open Agricultural... 2020-04-02
Surprise! Ammonia emitted from fertilized paddy fields mostly d... 2020-03-20
Ammonia Has Been Wrongly Missing in Portraying Air Pollution Im... 2020-03-19
Scientists Work toward More Reliable Prediction of South Asian ... 2020-03-17
How Does Sea Surface Temperature Warming Amplify Rainfall Varia... 2020-03-17
New Findings of Chemical Differences between PM1 and PM2.5 Migh... 2020-03-09
A New Method to Improve Tropical Cyclone Intensity Forecasts 2020-03-09
Greener Spring, Warmer Air 2020-02-20
Scientists Find a Seesaw Pattern between Upper- and Lower-Level... 2020-02-17
Verifying Forecasts for Major Stratospheric Sudden Warmings 2020-02-15
Record-setting Ocean Warmth Continued in 2019 2020-01-14
ENSO Heat Engine Shifts Eastward under Global Warming 2020-01-13
Scientists Recommend a Customized Regional Climate model over S... 2020-01-10
Global Arid Regions Become Wetter after Volcanic Eruptions 2019-12-31
Scientists Reveal Influence of Ice Particle Properties on Strat... 2019-12-31
An Ocean General Circulation Model (LICOM) Running on GPUs 2019-12-27
Limiting Global Warming Would Relieve Populations from Wet and ... 2019-12-17
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