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What`s New
Monsoon Melee-Science: News Focus Reported 2013-07-19
Research Progress: Tropical heating anomaly pushes zonal shift ... 2013-05-23
Research Progress:Rapid observation system for greenhouse gases... 2013-05-23
Research Progress:The enhanced influences of the tropical India... 2013-05-23
Springer recommends AAS special issue 2013-05-23
Research progress: Seasonal patterns of tropical rainfall chang... 2013-05-23
ICCL 2013 Expert Assessment Workshop on “Decadal Climate Varia... 2013-04-27
Nature Geoscience Chief Editor Dr. Heike Langenberg 2013-04-27
The 8th MAIRS SSC meeting was hold in Guangzhou 2013-04-03
The 4th International Workshop on Atmospheric Modeling Research... 2013-04-03
AAS was selected to “2012 The Highest International Impact Aca... 2013-03-13
Relationships between East Asian monsoon and tropical air-sea i... 2013-03-08
Roles of anomalous Tibetan Plateau warming on the severe 2008 w... 2013-03-08
Tianjun ZHOU received the 2013 Journal of Climate Editor's Award 2013-02-07
CAS-IAP delegation visited UK Met Office and attended the inter... 2013-02-07
AAS Announced Most Cited Papers 2013-01-30
2012 AAS annual editorial board meeting 2013-01-30
2012 Academic Annual Meeting of LASG 2013-01-07
2012 Academic Committee Meeting of LASG 2013-01-07
CIMMS Director Prof. Peter Lamb visited IAP 2012-12-28
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